How to Not Get Doxed: A Guide



Today, I’m going to go over the ways on how you can avoid being doxed by your ideological opponents!

But first, let me define what doxing is.

dox /däx/ v.: to post a person’s personal information (e.g. full name, phone numbers, email addresses, Social Security number, places of employment, dating profiles) online on the Internet, often done with the intention of making harassing one’s target easier. Often used by those in the Men’s Right Movement in order to silence those whose opinions they do not like (often feminists).

(Okay, so I tried to come up with the right pronunciation symbols to mimic what you’d find in the dictionary. I probably failed. Sorry about that.)

Now, who wants to have their personal information up online for random people to see? After all, this is your personal information. You know, like private phone numbers, or personal email addresses. Or even just your full name. I wouldn’t want to put it online for everyone to see (Facebook notwithstanding, and even then, like most people, I use my privacy settings and make that kind of information friends only and only allow people I know decently well a spot on my friend’s list. I’ve since deactivated mine, but that’s not the point).

And of course, when the intention is to make it easier for trolls and haters to harass you and ruin your life (you know, like calling your place of employment to try to get you fired, or sending threatening letters through the mail, or leaving creepy voice messages, or even stalk and kill you), it’s pretty bad, is it not?

But of course, if you want to scare someone you don’t like (often women) on the Internet, all you need to do is to constantly send rape and death threats. Bonus points if you have some of their private information so that they could feel terrified as they go through their daily lives!

Who wants to go through that? I don’t.

So let me detail a guide on how to not be doxed on the Internet. It is my sincere hope that people will find this helpful. Full adherence to this guide is recommended for the best results, of course.

How to Not Get Doxed: A Guide

  1. If you’re of the female persuasion (cis* or trans*), don’t ever go onto the Internet.
  2. If you do go on the Internet, don’t have an opinion on the Internet.
  3. If you do have an opinion on the Internet, make sure that you’re following the status quo. Don’t go suggesting that maybe making rape threats contribute to rape culture, or joke about how you’d like to put men in their place. And definitely don’t ever decide to challenge groups that are presumed to be majority-male (e.g. gamers) into rethinking how they interact with other people on the Internet, or even to think about what their culture says about society! Assure them that you like being sexually harassed—oh, I’m sorry, hit on—by men you don’t know, even if they’re sending you messages such as “I want to put your cock into you”. Or making macros of your image and spreading it around the Internet with threatening or defamatory messages.
  4. Don’t ever put your real life personal information online. Don’t make dating profies, don’t go on social networking sites like Facebook, and don’t even hit hint at what school you go to or what your major is. Ask your employer to not put your real name online, but rather a pseudonym with a fake phone number. Ask your school if they can not mention you at all on their website, or use a picture of you as part of a promotion to encourage people to come to their campus. Etc.
  5. Don’t you dare suggest that maybe we should give recognition to women once in a while, unless you want to have threats be sent online. Really. Even on a banknote.
  6. Don’t ever get into an argument with MRAs, or use swear words in front of them.
  7. Don’t ever take part in the production of a video advertising something based off the SCUM Manifesto. Otherwise, they’ll offer a $1000 bounty for your information. Although come to think of it, if you give up your own information, would A Voice for Men give you $1000? INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW!
  8. Don’t be like these women and get your name on Register-Her.
  9. Don’t take down posters printed by MRA groups, even if they weren’t supposed to legally be there.
  10. Just, well, disappear. If you’re a woman, you’re better off being locked up inside your bedroom for the rest of your life, tied up so that you can’t write and silenced with duct tape on your mouth so that you can’t talk.

Just abide by these instructions and you should be perfectly okay! Thanks for reading!






Oh yeah, before I forget, </sarcasm>.


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