So According to Rob Rhinehart, You Don’t Need Food to Live

I came to learn of the existence of Rob Rhinehart about a week ago. Apparently, he claims to have perfected a method that allows you to, well, not eat.

He also, apparently, has a blog documenting his journey towards not eating. And he has kindly given an interview on his not-foodstuff, called Soylent.

(No, not Soylent of “ZOMG Soylent Green contains people!!11!” fame. Soylent as in “weird beige cocktail claimed to be able to replace food”. I know, weird.)

It reminds me of something called “breatharianism”, except this one has a cocktail. For those of you who don’t know, breatharianism is basically the New Age idea that people need not eat food at all, because aliens are providing food from the sky in some sort of spaceship around the earth (that no one’s detected yet, but what’s stopping them?).

The idea of Soylent is similar, because of the claim that you don’t need food to live. But instead of thinking that they could just look at the sun to get subsistence, they think that drinking a cocktail should do it.

Do I personally recommend it? Well, no. While you could theoretically just take supplements for the rest of your life, it won’t really taste as good. Food also has other compounds in it (especially in fruits and vegetables) of which we do not fully understand its function or its effects on our health. We don’t really know how the body will process Soylent.

And honestly, taking the time to make food yourself just makes you feel happy. I don’t really know if I could replicate that with Soylent. Maybe it’s the conditioning in me that does it.

But instead of actually making my opinion and telling it to you, I’m leaving it up to you to decide. What do you people think?

In the meanwhile, let me just say that this lentil salad that I made and had sitting in the fridge for a few days tastes pretty good.


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