[BREAK]: I’m in Need of a Break, so Let’s Talk About Ferrofluids!

Gahh, I hate to do this so quickly, but okay. I have a large amount of homework tonight, which means that I need to do that. (Damn it.) As a student, I really, really, really don’t want to fail, especially because these classes are required courses for the major I’m taking. Debunking things takes TIME, and I don’t have that tonight.

Also, you know what? This has been getting too serious up this place, and I get sick and tired of having to tread through anti-choice stupidity. So today, I’m giving you a fun discussion of something really cool in science, since science is awesome!

First off, let’s introduce the topic: ferrofluids! Ferrofluid is basically iron or some other paramagnetic (meaning something that sticks to a magnet) metal suspended in oil. You can get these off Ebay for maybe $10?

Anyways, it’s a paramagnetic metal that is suspended in oil. It’s black and it’s shiny and it’s rather messy to deal with, so if you’re going to buy and mess with the stuff, wear gloves and be VERY careful, as it can stain.

When you put them next to a strong magnet, it gives off really cool shapes as it conforms to the magnet’s magnetic field. Because it’s a fluid, it looks rather surreal, smooth and shiny, unlike what happens when you put iron fillings next to a magnet. It’s like you just took something out of sci-fi and made it real.

And of course, if you put in magnetic screws, bolts, and other knickknacks, it just looks even more amazing.

I don’t know how to embed videos (plus I would rather have space in my media library for photos and stuff), so here are some links to YouTube videos showing off what ferrofluids can do. I highly recommend you watch these, because they look even more awesome than I can describe.

Myles Power – Fun With Science: Ferrofluids
Black liquid magnetic sculpture
Ferrofluid on the track of a meatgrinder
Fun with Ferrofluid!!

And here’s a few pictures so that you get the idea:

Ferrofluid 1 Ferrofluid 2 Ferrofluid 3

Ferrofluids are awesome!

And now I have the time to do homework and to take a break from anti-abortion screeds!

*phew* I needed that one. Didn’t you?

I definitely should be able to get back to doing serious debunking tomorrow, but today, let’s just relax and remind ourselves that science is a wonderful, beautiful thing.



2 thoughts on “[BREAK]: I’m in Need of a Break, so Let’s Talk About Ferrofluids!

  1. Alice Sanguinaria Post author

    If I weren’t scared of staining the white carpet in the apartment that I’m currently residing in, I’d totally do it too. It’s really pretty, and it reminds you on how science can look so beautiful.

    If you’re interested, Myles Power’s selling boxes of ferrofluid kits on his website (link to his blog is in the sidebar, there’s a dropdown menu for it).

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