Much Ado About Abortion: Open Minds and Humanlife Part 5

This is the post where we deal with the strawfeminist and learn about how much they REALLY hate rape/incest survivors. Yay! </sarcasm>

I was going to go over the “anti-choice people hate rape/incest survivors” thing, but I need sleep and research to debunk these strawfeminist talking points takes forever. Damn it, that’s another post added on to this series.

I’m just going to dive in, because it’s late and I don’t want to spend more time on this than I need to. Now please turn to page 9 of your Do You Have an Open Mind? publication (link to the PDF here) and let’s get started.

“You’re Getting Played” states the title of the first part that we’re going to read. And you know what? Yes, you are being played. But the publication lies on who’s playing you and who’s telling the truth.

My body, my choice!

Is it really your choice?

Yes. My body, my rules. I don’t let people insert things into me without my consent. Why is a zygote/embryo/fetus any different? Why do they get special rights?

Sixty-four percent of women in a 2004 study reported feeling coerced and forced into their abortions. One study showed homicide as the leading case of death among pregnant women.

Let me drop this link here regarding the 64% figure. They do a better job with pointing out the study’s flaws than me.

Also, anti-choice people, you do realize that the pregnant women who died due to homicide are often abused by their partners, right? Even the National Organization for Women admits that. Abuse kills people. If you want to reduce the number of homicides among pregnant women, help them get out of abusive relationships. Educate people to not abuse. Establish more safe houses. Etc.

Furthermore, we have better medical care now. Birth used to be a leading cause of death among women too, and now we watch pregnant women to check for complications and get them in hospital when they start having problems. Hence, less women die from medical complications in pregnancy.

But of course, one could do as the anti-choice camp does and ignore that context.

In India and in China, the preference for sons over daughters, coupled with China’s one child policy and forced abortions, has led to “gendercide”.

And this relates to abortions in other parts of the world, how?

So due to cultural differences in Asia, parents often choose to have sons over daughters. They still made the choice to have sons over daughters. Just because the state has a policy in which parents are encouraged to have only one child doesn’t mean that suddenly parents have absolutely no choices. They still have some choices, and one of the choices these parents made was to have sons over daughters.

I mean, I wish that they weren’t forced to have either a boy or a girl, and I wish that more people would choose to have girls, but you have what you have.

What about quality of life?

Having an abortion because rather than bringing a child into a difficult family situation is strange logic. We do not (yet) kill already born children living in unhealthy environments. Instead, we try to help these children and their families.

No one on the pro-choice side is saying that we should kill already born children anytime soon either, just so you know.

I’m dancing on the line between posting an appeal to emotion or giving statistics. I don’t want to fall into the appeal to emotion trap, so let’s get some statistics up:

I’m not even accounting for clothes, healthcare, equipment such as car seats and bottles, etc, all which young children need. I’m not even counting utilities or rent. Nothing on emergencies or anything else either.

That’s not a very pretty picture.

Now add another hungry mouth to the picture.


Many organizations offer help for expecting mothers […]

Which ones?

[…] and more than one million couples are waiting, hoping and praying for a chance to adopt.

And over 20,000 children age out of the foster care system without having been adopted, and over 104,000 children ages < 1 to 21 years old are still in the foster care system waiting to be adopted.

So besides “give me a source for the over one million couples figure”, anti-choice people, why not adopt these kids first before adding more kids to the system? These kids need loving families too.

It’s just a blob of tissue

Simple tissue does not have a beating heart […]


[…] brain waves, […]


[…] fingerprints, […]

Tapeworms don’t have fingerprints, true, but still. They’re still unique animals.

[…] or unique DNA.


Or, if you’re just looking for unique DNA on their own, cancer cells. A large number of cancer cells have their own unique DNA modifications, and many cancer cells are heterogeneous with each other, which is why curing cancer is so difficult.

Appeals to emotion are so tiring.

Maternal mortality

Countries with laws restricting abortion, such as Ireland and Chile, have the lowest maternal mortality rates in the world. The United States, with abortion on demand, has a 700 percent higher maternal mortality rate.

According to the CIA World Handbook:

  • Chile has a maternal mortality rate of 25.00 deaths/100,000 live births.
  • Ireland has a maternal mortality rate of 6.00 deaths/100,000 live births.
  • The United States has a maternal mortality rate of 21.00 deaths/100,000 live births.
  • The United Kingdom (a country that has legalized abortion) has a maternal mortality rate of 12.00 deaths/100,000 live births.
  • Canada (a country that has legalized abortion) has a maternal mortality rate of 12.00 deaths/100,000 live births.
  • El Salvador (a country that has made abortion illegal) has a maternal mortality rate of 81.00 deaths/100,000 live births.

What can we conclude?

  1. 700% increase in maternal mortality? Bull. It’s at most 350% (between Ireland and the United States). And the US has a lower rate than Chile!
  2. I can cherry pick too if I wanted to.
  3. There are other factors regarding maternal mortality rates than just “is abortion legal?”. For example, availability of healthcare and costs makes a difference.

Safe, legal, and rare

[…] No matter how “safe” an abortion procedure might be for the mother, the end result is a dead baby.

No, the end result is an aborted zygote/embryo/fetus. Abortion isn’t infanticide.

Learn to science, anti-choice people.

There are also many potential complications for the mother such as cervical cancer, breast cancer, infertility, psychological trauma, and even death.

Nope for the cervical cancer, breast cancer, infertility, low birth rate, birth defect, any other cancer, or miscarriage.

Nope on the mental health trauma.

Anti-choice people, stop fear mongering and stop lying.

Contrary to popular arguments, legalizing abortion does not decrease its prevalence.

O rly?

Also, people in the anti-choice camp, you do realize that when we say “safe, legal, and rare”, we mean “safe so that women don’t die unnecessarily, legal so that it’s accessible for everyone and not just rich people, and rare because more available and accessible contraception as well as better sexual education that provides information about birth control methods and safer sex prevents additional unwanted pregnancies from occurring so that we won’t need to abort in the first place“?

Of course not. You guys are the ones who think that the Pill is freaking the same thing as mifepristone, for gods sake.

If anyone’s out there spreading misinformation, it’s those who are anti-choice.

Women’s rights

Our great American freedoms are freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, etc. You will not find a right to abortion anywhere in the Constitution.

Nor would you find a specific right to marry, a specific right to privacy, a specific right for bodily sovereignty, and others that we Americans all hold so dear.

I mean, there is the Ninth Amendment, which states that people still have various rights even if they’re not mentioned in the Constitution itself, but when have they ever taken a look at the Bill of Rights?

We have come too far to reduce a woman’s “right” to mean the right to kill her own children.

No, we haven’t. For one thing, infanticide is still illegal in all fifty states. For another thing, when feminists talk about “a woman’s right to choose”, we’re saying that as a part of a wider group of rights that we want everyone to have.

I want the right to choose when and if I have children. I want the right to decide what kind of medical treatment I wish to undergo, for any condition, including pregnancy. And if I choose abortion as the treatment for an unwanted pregnancy, so be it.

After all, reproductive healthcare is healthcare, and abortion is part of it.

I’m personally opposed, but…

What if US citizens had been willing to accept this justification for tolerating slavery?

Are You Serious?Really? Are you seriously comparing your inability to force women to carry their pregnancies to term with freaking slavery?

The number of facepalms is too great for this one.

What about fetal deformity?

Abortion for fetal deformities is a form of discrimination against disabled people […]

Or the only treatment for certain birth defects, such as anencephaly. (Don’t click on the link unless you can stomach the pictures; basically it’s a birth defect that renders the fetus non-viable, given the fact that it has no brain.)

Recent US studies have indicated that when Down syndrome is diagnosed prenatally, 84-91% of those babies will be killed by abortion.

Politifact rated that claim as half-true, as those studies are localized and cannot (and should not) be applied nationally.

Also, they make it sound as if raising a special needs child is easy. It’s not. Average annual out-of-pocket costs can go up to $970. I don’t even know if these figures are with or without insurance to help you out.

This adds up.

This happens despite waiting lists of people who want to adopt a special needs child.

[citation needed]

Part 6 tomorrow. Maybe then I can get to the “What About Rape and Incest?” article.


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