Sexism: Highlighted on Google Instant

This post was inspired by the UN Women’s ad campaign, as described here. Basically, what the UN did was type in “women <verb>” on Google and saw what came up on Instant (the autocomplete thing they have). The posters are thought provoking, and yet they make one wonder: does Google Instant really do this?

So today, here are some screenshots of me Googling various phrases.

Women should ...Women should not ...Women cant ...Women cannot ...Women can never be ...Women are in...Women are not ...Women will never ...Women need to ...


Lucky for you, I’ll do one for the men too.

Men should ... Men should not ...Men cant ...Men cannot ...Men can never be ...Men are in...Men are not ... Men will never ...Men need to ...


All Google Instant searches accurate as of 2:20-2:33 UST.

Edit: some of my friends elsewhere on the Internet added these:

Women deserve ... Men deserve ...Women deserve to be ... Men deserve to be ...



5 thoughts on “Sexism: Highlighted on Google Instant

  1. genderneutrallanguage

    If you take the “sexism against women” glasses off, these look about the same. Both sets are about on par for enforcing outdated dogmatic harmful and oppressive gender stereotypes on the given sex. Really all this shows is that the outdated dogmatic harmful and oppressive gender stereotype of men is not the same as the one for women.

  2. Alice Sanguinaria Post author

    Except for the fact that the ones for men aren’t advocating limiting their role in the public sphere, whereas one of the first for “women should” is “women should not be in combat”.

    One of these is worse than the other, and while I do agree that sexism hurts both men and women, the types of stereotypes against men are along the “men should just pay for dinner, they can’t feel, etc”, whereas women have “need to shut up, can’t fight in combat, can’t ever be equal to men, etc.”.

  3. genderneutrallanguage

    Looking at it through the lens of “sexism against women”

    Men should always pray is as dogmatic and restrictive as Women should not preach. The difference is men are told what they MUST DO, and women are told what they MUST NOT DO. It is purely semantic bickering to say one is worse than the other.

  4. Alice Sanguinaria Post author

    And again, it’s terrible that it does say “men should always pray”. But overall, much of what is directed at women is “women are not equal as men are”, and for men it’s “men can’t ever show off emotions!”.

    I have to admit that the “men can’t be friends with women” one is really dumb. Men can totally have friends with women, they’re not ALWAYS looking for sex!

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