Introducing the Falpraesti! A New Way to View the World.

People of the world, have you ever felt as if the world is not as you want it to be? Angry at the fact that there are people who have more power? Upset that what you have is not good enough for you? Frustrated at the fact that no one else sees what you see?

Well, today I have something that might help you allay your frustrations, your anger, and your despair. I hereby present Falpraesti: a new way for you to see the world!

The Falpraesti is a new medical breakthrough, discovered by a famous physician in Sri Lanka among the Inclusionis peoples. Used for over three thousand years, the Falpraesti is the key to is the key towards true happiness, by allowing you to harmonize your emotions and become one with the TRUTH.

Falpraesti is all natural, full of laevomandelonitrile and dihydrogen monoxide, necessary for our active lifestyles and helping you to relax.

But don’t take my word for it. Listen:

I could not believe that the world was not the way that I imagined it, and because of this, I was depressed for over two years. I went to see doctor after doctor, and therapist after therapist, but to no avail. I just could not get over my disbelief!

Then I came upon Falpraesti, thanks to Dr. P. Getoff, After taking Falpraesti, I now have the energy to take on my day. My depression lifted after two days, and I knew that this worked!

I have been free of my disbelief for over three months now. Thank you, Dr. Getoff, and thank you Falpraesti!

Mike Hythloday

Wow, and to think that the Inlusionis have been hiding this secret from us for over three thousand years! Get it today in your local health food store!






Bonus if you can figure out what Falpraesti means.


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