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Tolerance Is Terrible: NaturalNews Takes on Twenty Things to Tolerate Less and It’s a Doozy

Tolerance: do we have too much of it?

That’s the question NaturalNews asks in their article “Rethink Tolerance: 20 Ways We Put Up With Disrespect, Abuse, and Nonsense”. Their answer: yes, of course we tolerate too much stuff, and you know what? It’s our fault.

How so? Let’s take a look.

Tolerating things you don’t like was a necessary skill when you were young. Think about it. Babies and young children, in loving families, still MUST tolerate all kinds of “mistreatment” that they do not understand or appreciate. (Have you ever met a two-year-old?)

Kids growing up in dysfunctional families learn to tolerate not only the perceived injustices, but actual abuse and neglect.

The problem is, tolerance for perceived and actual mistreatment becomes so familiar that we end up (subconsciously) accepting it for the long haul. We don’t stop to realize that, as adults, there are OPTIONS.

We tolerate all kinds of abuse from other people, families, communities and governments. Nothing you can do about it. Just live with it (sigh). These are the sentiments that rule the day and create suffering for hapless sheeple all around the world.

You know you’re screwed when the writer of the article you’re reading uses the word “sheeple” without irony.

Also, seriously? The reason people stay in abusive households is because obviously they’re too stupid to get out? Really?

Gee, thanks. Remind me never to call you to talk about abuse, ever.

Now for the list of 20 things:

1. A poisoned food supply
Food and water are intentionally poisoned with toxic chemicals such as pesticides, fluoride, and genetically modified organisms.

Obviously people eat their vegetables without washing them first, because we like to have dirt on our food.

(Seriously guys? It’s not that hard to wash fruits and veggies. Also, one molecule of a pesticide won’t kill you, and depending on the pesticide used, it probably won’t even affect you—see Bt toxin, which has been used in organic farming for over five decades.)

The amount of fluoride in water is regulated by the EPA and it’s safe. There are public health benefits from the fluoride (namely you have healthier teeth), and it’s the most cost effective public health program.

In addition, fluoride toothpaste has more fluoride in it (1,000-1,500 ppm in a tube; by comparison there’s 0.7 ppm of fluoride in drinking water), and an adult would need to eat 4 tubes of it in order to get fluoride poisoning. And you’d be vomiting from the other additives first.

Soooooooooo, no, you’re not likely to get fluoride poisoning from the water. If anything, should you attempt to do this to “prove” that fluoride is a toxin, you’d get dilutional hyponatremia before you get fluoride poisoning.

[This is where I put in the DO NOT ACTUALLY DO THIS sign. Seriously, don’t drink yourself to death just to prove a point.]

Finally, do I really need to pull out the list of over 600 studies verifying that GMOs are safe? Seriously. And at least 1/6th of the list are independent studies (or 126 independent studies; the list is outdated but the studies are real).

We’re off to a really bad start.

2. Mass corruption in government
Criminals and thugs are regularly elected and re-elected to positions of power around the world.

No guesses as to who, right?

(Hint: it starts with “Big” and ends with “Pharma”. Or “Science”. Or “Agriculture”. Or anything else really. But I think mostly Big Pharma.)

3. Mass corruption in the corporate world
Thieves and thugs in business regularly collude with cohorts in government while people keep buying their products.

Oh yes. I hear there’s this “doctor” in Texas who has not been (seriously) taken to task by the Texas Medical Board or the FDA for decades, even though his “cancer cure” has killed patients (including at least one child) and even though he’s utterly and totally incompetent. And unethical. Don’t forget about the unethical. You’d think that there’s some sort of political pull that this guy’s got, since he had been able to charge patients thousands of dollars to participate in his sham clinical trials until the FDA FINALLY put a hold on them sometime in 2012.

Oh wait. You meant Big Pharma, not Big Quacks. Apologies.

4. Lying and deception in the mainstream media
We sit at our TVs and listen to puppet heads neglect to mention the most relevant facts about current events.

Yeah. That’s why we go to NaturalNews to learn DA TRUTH, such as how psychiatry was to blame for Sandy Hook. Or at least, that is if it actually happened at all.

5. Abuse of holistic businesses and practices
If you are a holistic business, you need to be mildly paranoid about the benefits of your product or service even though there are no harmful side effects.

So laetrile is harmless? And hydrogen peroxide won’t bleach your skin? And there’s no evidence that DMSO can cause glaucoma? And antineoplastons have not been linked to extremely elevated sodium levels, anemia, fatigue, headaches, and the like?

You get my meaning here, right?

Meanwhile, pharmaceutical companies come right out and claim that their product endangers your health and may very well kill you.

Well yeah. No product is without risk. They’re also being honest about it, which is much more than the SCAM proponents will say.

Also, the reason that they’re even approved by the FDA is because 1. the risks are offset by the benefits and 2. they work. Both of these things are lacking in the SCAM department.

6. Vaccination abuse
Your right to spare your baby a toxin-laden vaccination is slipping away. In fact, you may be called a murderer if you refuse a vaccination.

Herd immunity is obviously DA WORST THING IN THE WORLD!

Also, to put that statement into context (listing some of the more comment complaints about ZOMGTOXINS in vaccines):

  1. Your body actually produces more formaldehyde in a day compared to what you would get in a vaccine. The wood in your house has more formaldehyde than a vaccine.
  2. Since we don’t use thimerosal in the vast majority of vaccines anymore, you get more mercury if you break a CFC bulb, or if you eat fish.
  3. You get exposed to more aluminum in your food than you do in a vaccine.
  4. There are no “aborted fetuses” in vaccines. Some vaccines are grown in cells derived from aborted fetuses, but these cells have been growing in Petri dishes for decades. At this point they’re so removed from their original source that they’re not even fetus cells anymore. It’d be sort of like saying that HeLa cells are made of cervices. That and the cells are all removed during processing, so this is essentially mostly moot.

If there are any others that I missed, leave a comment and I’ll research it.

7. Internet freedom under attack
There are those who would regulate your freedom of speech by monitoring what you post online and restricting information that they disagree with.

And who are these people, exactly?

8. Your email – no longer private
Your email account is routinely hacked and scrutinized by the government, a clear invasion of privacy.

And so it is! Governments shouldn’t hack email accounts!

But seriously, you have to REALLY egotistical to think that the NSA actually gives a rat’s ass about the amount of chain letters your grandmother forwards you every week.

Plus, can you even imagine HOW many email accounts there are, and how long it would take to hack every single one? And this is not including the fact that there’s a decent amount of people who have MORE than one email address (work/school/personal addresses anyone?), which means MORE accounts and MORE hacking.

In other words: the likelihood that the NSA hacked your account? Nil.

9. Forced psychiatric drugging
Psychiatrists and legislators would like to force psychiatric drugging and imprison people who seek treatment for problems. If you don’t want meds or even electric shock treatment, then you may be forced into it or physically confined.

Yeah, that might be an issue if you were declared to be legally insane by a court of law.

“Why no, I’ve never been declared insane by a court of law.”

Then why are you worrying about it?

10. Truth tellers and legitimate conspiracy theorists and jailed in prisons and hospitals [sic.]
When someone learns the truth and has the nerve to come out with it, they are destroyed.

Which is why InfoWars and NaturalNews doesn’t exist anymore, right?

11. Tolerance for obesity
Someone depressingly overweight consumes a diet high in sugar, fat, and toxins. […]

Because obviously people who are overweight are slobs who can’t stop eating bacon and if they just stopped eating processed foods, it’ll all be resolved oh so easily. *rolls eyes*

[…] These folks have a high tolerance for body discomfort, even though they hate it. The tolerance is so high that it is less painful to endure their as it is than to exchange their dietary and lifestyle habits for healthier ones.

Ewww, thin elitism.

Seriously. There’s a large amount of people who are eating healthy foods and who exercise regularly, and yet they’re STILL overweight. Losing weight is not as easy as “oh, just eat healthier!”, like it’s depicted on TV. It takes a LOT of work—and in many cases, they’re actually pretty damn healthy.

So can we stop with the body shaming now?

12. Tolerance for personal abuse
A tortured woman stays with the man who mistreats her.

So much women put up with SO MUCH from abusive men. These women have a super high tolerance for rejection, betrayal, and mistreatment. Their tolerance is so high that they find it easier to put up with abuse than to face life on their own.


No. No no no no no no no no no. And no again. No.

No. People who are being abused by their significant others don’t stay there because they LIKE being abused. They stay there because they fear that if they leave, their significant other might find them and hurt them. Their abuser manipulates their emotions to the point where they’re left fearing for their lives all the freaking damned time.

Just, what the hell?

This author is a freaking ASSHOLE.

13. Tolerance for loneliness and emptiness
A lonely person avoids socializing and laments a solitary life. 

Lots of people feel so alone in this world. They have a super high tolerance for loneliness, even though they don’t enjoy it. They routinely avoid socializing and making new friends because the loneliness is more comfortable than reaching out.

Or they could just be really shy. Or they could have mental disabilities that keep them from socializing with people. Or any other many reasons that would keep them from socializing with people.

Seriously, the “oh, I’m so much better than you” is nauseating.

14. Tolerance for worthlessness.
Someone with low self esteem piles on with daily self-condemnation.

Because it’s so easy to have a better self-esteem.

Trust me on this. It’s not.

15. Settling for personal mediocrity

Depressing mediocrity is often tolerated more than the perceived pressure of success and high responsibility. Thousands of mid-level managers, would-be entrepreneurs and trapped housewives dream of doing something really great with their lives, but are much more comfortable with their current lot. Tolerance for mediocrity is the culprit.

Because obviously it’s because they WANT to be that way, and not because they don’t have the opportunity to do something great.

16. Intolerance for happiness

Nathaniel Branden called it happiness anxiety. This happens when you become happy, then anxious (because you know the happiness won’t last).

When bad news is just around the corner, you abandon the happy state in favor of hanging out where you are more comfortable – with your problems.

Because obviously depressed people just HATE happiness!

17. Tolerance of fear, anxiety, and needless uncertainty

Because obviously the only reason we’re anxious is because we HATE feeling prepared, so it’s 100% your fault.

18. Tolerance for guilt

Because we all really want to feel guilty forever and ever, I mean, there’s no such thing as a mental disorder that can cause you to do things that are wrong, right?

And obviously it’s so easy to break a habit. Just don’t do it anymore. See? Problem solved! Where’s my cookie?!

19. Tolerance for conflict

Because obviously the only reason people fight is because they WANT to fight. It’s not as if there’s a legitimate reason to argue and be mad, right?

So don’t be mad if the person you’re arguing with was late AGAIN, and don’t be mad if your partner was cheating on you or spent all of your money at Vegas. Just smile and get over it!

20. Tolerance for being controlled

Because obviously the way to solve being a doormat is by saying “don’t be a doormat anymore”. Problem solved!

NaturalNews: king of simple solutions for complex problems.


I Am Autism – A New Take

Oh gods. Oh gods, oh gods, oh gods.

Today, I heard about Autism Speak’s video called “I Am Autism”.

Short rundown: Autism Speaks is a charity that tries to bring awareness about autism and tries to fund money for a cure and whatever. Not exactly popular with people who HAVE autism, because of the “autism is all evil and needs to be CURED!” thing. You guys could Google it if you’re curious.

And of course, in their activism campaign, they come up with videos that’s rather, for lack of a better word, insensitive.

Case in point: transcript for “I Am Autism” (there was a video, but apparently it was taken down after outcry).

Ew. Ew ew ew ew ew ew ew.

That just makes my skin crawl. I’m also shaking, although nowadays I can’t tell if it’s because I need to switch to a lower dosage of levothyroxine or whether it’s horror or whether it’s from sitting in a chair for several hours.

So, out of protest, I feel the need to provide a counter viewpoint from someone who has autism herself.

Please note that this is NOT representative of all autistic people. I don’t claim to speak for everyone, I just felt the need to respond with my own version of “I Am Autism”. So don’t chew my head off, okay?

I Am Autism – Take Two

I am autism.

Born with it and grew  up with it,
Part of me since as far as I know.
Integrated with my identity
And an important part of me.
I cannot be without it,
Otherwise what am I, really?

I am autism.
I am a face of many in a sea
A color, a shape,
A pair or eyes,
A voice.

I am autism.
I am not a monolithic entity.
I do not come to consume and to destroy
But to enlighten and to create.
I am an individual
I am me.

I am autism.

Sometimes I cannot speak
Non verbal am I and rather quiet.
Sometimes I can integrate
With a little hard work
And a large amount of acting/reacting.
I pay attention to everyone else
And play the game,
Knowing that I’m sometimes right on key
And sometimes two steps behind.

I live and I breathe
And I feel and I read.
I scream and I shout
And I twist and dance
And I am life embodiment.

I am alive.

I do not fear.
What is there to be frightened of?
I am here,
I am.

I am autism,
And autism is me.
Autism is part of my identity.
Cannot imagine my life without it
For how close it is to me it is!

Autism defines me.
Autism is a part of me.

I am not the savant intelligent
And I am not person sociopathic.
I am not Sheldon that you see on TV
Nor am I full of magic or a disease.

I am not abnormal, I am not in need of a fix.
I just need someone who can listen to this.

I am autism
And I have a voice.

You say that I’m silent
And that I’m really a sneak.
You claim me to be a thief
And you claim me to be sin
A punishment, a changeling,
Something not “normal”,
Something not neurotypical.

You say that you need to cure me
In order to save me.

You say these words
And you take away me.
You say those words
And you erase me.
You say those words
And you silence me.

You do not speak for me.

Please, are you listening?
This is autism speaking.

The Unfortunate Implications of the Anti-Vaccine Claim of “Vaccines Cause Autism!!!”

Today I was walking home from class and mulling over various issues when my mind happened to think about the anti-vaccine “VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM!1!!” gambit.

You know this one: the so called “link” between vaccines and autism, and how you’re better off not vaccinating your kids because ZOMG AUTISM IS SO HORRIBLE.

And you know what? Pondering over the subject, I realized that the claim that vaccines cause autism and that you’re better off not vaccinating your kids is actually full of very unfortunate implications.

(This might have been partially inspired by the TVTropes page on unfortunate implications. I can verify that TVTropes WILL ruin your life.)

What happened the night before. Credit to xkcd.

What happened to me the night before, when I was supposed to do Latin homework (damn you TVTropes). Credit to xkcd, used under a CC BY-NC license.

Unfortunate implication: autism is DA WORST THING EVER and it’s better for a kid to be dead than to be autistic because disabilities are SO TERRIBLE, especially for the parents, because their “real child” has been “lost” and that no “real child” has disabilities.

Disclosure: I have a mild form of autism (formerly Asperger’s before the DSM got rid of that category and put it in the autism spectrum on the high functioning end).

So to me, this is actually pretty personal. And offensive.

I can totally sympathize with parents whose kids were recently diagnosed with autism. Seriously, finding out that your child will be facing some difficulties that isn’t their fault (to put it lightly) sucks. Feeling helpless sucks. You want to help your child, and that’s totally normal.

But the “disabilities are inherently bad and we need to make sure that no one else ends up disabled, even if it means that the kid might die” just smacks of WARNING, HIGHLY OFFENSIVE.

What it does is to enforce the paradigm that people with disabilities are “lesser” and not as human as the neurotypical people. It enforces the idea that if you’re disabled, you’re better off dead because how the hell can you stand to live knowing that you have a disability?

And it leads to the idea that risking preventable diseases (that can totally kill your kid!), autism biomed, chelation therapy, Lupron therapy, and even outright murder is totally justifiable, because hey, your kid wasn’t “normal” (whatever that means), and you just wanted to make them better, even if it means causing them further suffering in the process.

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, that’s some pretty serious unfortunate implication stuff right there.

And that stuff’s offensive.

Anti-vaxxors: no, you do not speak for me or for people like me when you claim that autism is caused by vaccines (which is totally not true by the way, this being one of the many studies on the topic). Nor do you speak for me when you then start saying that it’s better to risk death than to get your kid vaccinated because autism is so terrible.

That stuff is ableist as hell. And I want no part of it.

People: please, please get your vaccines. The world will be better off with it.

How Women’s Rights are Designer Goods and Other Thoughts from the Misogynistic Sphere

Obviously, I’m not dead, or otherwise this post would not exist. I hate exams. And homework. But mostly exams.

Unfortunately for us, while the world moves on and does more important things like not fail Calculus, misogyny never shuts up.

Today’s featured misogynistic screed is “Remove the Needs”, written by a woman named Laura Grace Robins. According to her, women’s rights are the same as designer goods: often ugly looking, extremely expensive, and totally unnecessary.

*rubs hands* I’ve been looking forward to this.

Even though men no longer go out for wild beasts, the modern workplace is just as wild and very often has a live or die atmosphere; literally regarding the military and other dangerous fields and figuratively with the competitiveness of business. 

Wait. So hypothetically, if I fail doing my office job (presuming that I want one), I’ll die? And my body would be buried with the scars of sharp scissors on my hands, paper cuts on my fingers, and punch holes from staplers?

The dynamics are still the same for men, but women do not return the comforts of home as a favor. They are too busy slaying their own wild beasts. Sure she still may pick up dinner at a restaurant and thus its looks like she is creating a home with “food according to his liking”, but I suspect deep down for the husband it just isn’t the same. She did not labor and put love into the meal as he did for his paycheck.

Because all men love their jobs, men can’t cook, and if a man picks up dinner at a restaurant it’s infused with love from his money.

Why can’t women love their jobs, and why can’t men want to cook dinner?

If God had meant us to live like animals, like we are today, then we would not have the maternal and paternal instinct that we do, nor this desire to create a family.

Obviously animals don’t feel this urge to have kids either. That’s why animals don’t have mating seasons and why many of these animals don’t risk death trying to sire offspring to pass on their genes.


Gratitude. This is not something the modern woman thinks she owes anyone, especially a husband.

Wait. Since when are feminists teaching other people that we can eschew basic manners and empathy?

It is clear that modern wives have no need for husbands, since they now have their own money and independence; therefore, love does not feed. Husbands have also learned or been explicitly told that they too have no need for their modern wives. Modern technology has basically made a wife obsolete.

I’m pretty sure that one of the goals of the feminist agenda isn’t “no more marriage, EVER!”.

Also, isn’t it kind of sad that the only reason Ms. Robins think women want to get married is because they need a wage slave?

Men can still efficiently cook meals and a keep a home without it interfering with his work day. If it still took a whole day to do laundry or we were cooking over open hearths, wives would still be needed as men can’t do all that, plus make a living. Again, love does not feed. I think women still need men, more than men will ever need women.

Obviously women are totally unable to make a living and have a career, and will die starving on the streets without men to give them money.


When shopping, we are told to recognize before buying something if it is a ‘need’ or a ‘want’. This is a way to stay clear of impulse buying. Feminists generally say its Okay to still want to be a mom or want to get married, but its NOT OKAY to say you ‘need’ to be a mom or ‘need’ to be married. 

Women don’t really need to have rights, they just want it, and we need to train women to follow their BIOTRUTHS and just be incubators.

Also: Ms. Robins. It’s totally okay if you feel that being a housewife is totally your calling. As a feminist, I’ll happily say that. It only becomes a problem when you extrapolate your personal choices and tell other women that they’re lesser because they didn’t make the same choices as you did.

If a woman merely wants to be a mom, there is still some wiggle room. Feminists can get in there and change her mind. Wants are Okay because they can be controlled and manipulated (advertising does this quite well). However, needs are more primal and survival based. 

Funny how Ms. Robins claims that feminists are trying to make everyone “live like animals”, and then she turns around and says that we should return to the so-called “primal and survival based” needs.

I would argue that the latter is trying to make people live more like animals, as it’s basically telling people that they should rely solely on “instinct”, if instinct means following the essential BIOTRUTHSKinder, Küche, Kirche, right?

At some point (usually around 40) the numbness wears off and women remember their basic needs of home and family.

So if I don’t snag a husband for myself by the time I turn 40, I’m going to die a sad spinster with ten thousand cats?

How heteronormative.

Buzz word alert: “experts!” Public school teachers are these paid experts. Even for the most sensitive issues, schools teach children to rely upon the school for their needs, i.e., birth control. They learn in school not to NEED their parents.

I don’t recall going to elementary school and being told that I should totally ditch my parents and declare emancipation.

I also don’t remember my middle/high school telling us anything about birth control. I mean, it’s probably different in other school districts, but my school district never really told us about birth control.

In either case, a person’s sex life is their business. And while it would be nice if a minor can be open with their parents regarding their sex life, it’s not necessary. A person’s body is not owned by their parents, period.

Yes, it is an “unnatural struggle for bread against the men who should be their natural protectors.” Very backwards. At times, I’m glad that I am in a women dominated field and generally compete with only other women. Guilt would be just that much more if I had to compete with men for the bread (i.e. pilot). Right now, at least I know I am not taking a job away from a man and pushing into his sphere.

That’s nice that you’re happy doing what you do, Ms. Robins. But why are you constantly guilt-tripping yourself on whether a man would approve on what you want to do in your life?

That doesn’t sound like a happy life.

Sex unity is gasping for its last breath as the hook-up culture is rampant and women willingly choose to be single moms.

Since when? I thought that the reason why many women are single mothers is because their partner was a huge asshole, and in many cases, left the women alone with the kids?

And that’s not to mention women who escape abusive households because the other option was to hope that the abusive partner won’t kill you or your kids.

She may have everything she wants, but not everything she needs. She wants independence, the vote, her own income, etc., but she wants all these things like she wants a designer purse. Underneath it all, it is just for show and what she really needs are the basics; like food, shelter, and a husband.

So I really don’t need to have the right to vote or the right to have my own income. Instead, I really, really, really long for a husband, even though I’m asexual and don’t have a desire to find a partner in general. And if I don’t get myself a hubby right now, I’ll die when I hit 40.

How heteronormative.

By women of today, she means the women of 1914! They had the the key, the chance to stop it all, but instead they were lured by wants and forgot about their needs and the needs of their families. Now most women live hollow lives filled with closets full of shoes and purses, while homes are empty of husbands and children.

“If you don’t have a husband and several children by the time you turn 40, your life is totally worthless and you should be ashamed of yourself.”

She has no one to “appreciate, sympathize with, are grateful to, enliven, comfort, and cheer.” 

Because obviously only husbands can fill that role, and not friends, brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, cousins, etc.

It’s kind of depressing, isn’t it?

To make everyone feel better, here’s a picture of a cute cat with two differently colored eyes.

On Positive Male Role Models and International Men’s Day

International Men's Day logo

A day to celebrate TRU MANHOOD, because apparently it’s not Men’s Day every single other day of the year. Credit to International Men’s Day; image is in the public domain.

Because apparently not every single day is already a Men’s Day, tomorrow is International Men’s Day, which is all about celebrating MANHOOD of the gender essentialist variety.

Now, they haven’t actually released a press release for this year’s theme (“Keeping Men and Boys Safe”), but they do have one from around this time last year, complete with essentialist goodies such as “[n]o matter how great a mother is, she cannot replace what a father provides to a child” and “[i]rrefutable research shows that mothers typically are nurturing, soft, gentle, comforting, protective and emotional. Fathers tend to be challenging, prodding, loud, playful and encourage risk taking”. Of course, they do not link to any of this research; we’re supposed to take it at face value, without questioning their authority.

Now, I’m not happy with the gender essentialism. And because tomorrow is the proclaimed International Men’s Day, I’m going to write my OWN press release for last year’s theme (“Positive Male Role Models”), if I were in charge of this event. So without further ado, this is the Feminist Skeptic’s version of the media release for 2012: Positive Male Role Models.

[TRIGGER WARNING: some links contain threats against people.]

On Positive Male Role Models

What does it mean to be a man? What does it mean to be born as a male? And how does one learn how to be a man in our current society, a world where 4.5% of men are rapists, where men commit the vast majority of murders, and where a large amount of men advocate violence against other people, from other men to women and children?

Positive male role models do exist, but for the most part are few and far between. Movies often depict hypermasculine men using violence to solve their problems. Men and boys do not learn how to treat people with respect, threatening people with rape and other violence for doing something that displeases them. And many men care little about the suffering of others, preferring to live self-centered lives devoid of empathy and full of hatred towards other people.

There is a need for positive male role models, a niche that needs to be filled. Someone who can teach young boys on what it means to be a man.

But what does it mean to be a man?

To be a man is to know that he needs to treat other people with respect. A man does not need to threaten violence on other people in order to get what he wants. A man knows that the most important part of society is to help other people, to pick them up rather than push them down. He knows that he is one of many different people in the world, that he is not the lone ruler at the top but one of many unique, diverse groups that make up humanity.

He knows that he can be confident in his own expression. He knows that it is not shameful to cry, to be weak, to be anything less than a hypermasculine model. He knows that it’s okay for people to choose how they want to live, and he respects their choices. He knows that he can uplift those who have been disadvantaged by a society where the cis* straight white male is the normal and everyone else is a derivative. He knows that society does not have to be a world where straight white male is the easiest setting, and he is willing to stand up for that better world, to speak out against injustice and to foster a welcoming community where everyone is seen as an equal—no more, and no less.

In that light, let us look up to the men who see women, non-heterosexuals, non-white, and others as equals. Let’s look up to the men who treat others with respect. Give us positive male role models who will uplift and foster a boy who will grow up to positively contribute to society, without putting others people down. Give us positive male role models who teach young boys to stand up for those who are different, instead of hatred. Give us positive male role models who will better us, one young man at a time.

Let us celebrate these men, and thank them for giving boys a person to look up to, in order to better our society and everyone in it. And let us thank them, for bringing us a step closer towards a better tomorrow.

Thank you.


I’m supposed to be doing homework at the moment, but I just needed to post this.

Okay, so there is this “documentary” about GMOs made by anti-GMO groups called Seeds of Death: Unveiling the Lies of GMOs. I’m probably going to listen to this video while I struggle with nuclear chemistry, but there’s this quote that I HAVE to show you.

“And of course what happens is when their genes are changed, our genes are changed by consuming them, just as the super weeds and the super bugs are genetically altered by consuming them. The bug eats the plant, its genes change. The animal eats the plant, its genes change. We eat the animal or the plant, our genes change. Our babies’ genes change and the change is permanent.”

(Clip; this is about 20 minutes into the original documentary.)


Are you serious?

You have GOT to be kidding—nope, wait, you’re not.

Someone should TOTALLY let me know if after eating some spinach whether we get the ability to photosynthesize.

Anti-GMO groups: where basic science and common sense are not allowed.

From NaturalNews: We Should Totally Tell Cancer Patents to Use DMSO!

There is so much cancer quackery in the world, I swear. I don’t think it’s ever possible to get to the bottom of the barrel, since it’s like everywhere.

That and autism quackery, but that’s its own little can of worms.

The article: “Whatever Happened to DMSO for Cancer and What Is It Anyway?”

But before the mocking, let’s do a little science lesson.

DMSO (dimethyl sulfide) is an organosulfer polar solvent, a byproduct of the paper production process. It is mincible (i.e. it can easily create solutions) with numerous solvents and can easily tolerate strong bases due to its acidity, which makes it useful for chemical analysis.  It is also used to preserve frozen tissues in cyropreservation, in order to prevent cell rupture due to the formation of large ice crystals. It also can easily penetrate cellular membranes without damaging it, and transport chemicals along with it. For this reason, it is used as a drug vehicle in experiments.

Because of the latter property, it was the subject of experimentation in the 1960s. However, these experiments were soon stopped when people began to worry about possible side effects. Damage to the eye, headaches, a burning sensation at the application site, itching, and a strong garlic odor/taste in the mouth have been reported. Furthermore, because it can easily dissolve numerous substances, there is a risk of absorbing unwanted contaminants into the skin along with the drug(s) desired. For these reasons, the FDA has not approved the use of DMSO in humans for any condition exempting interstitial cystitis (i.e. a really, really, really painful bladder). The FDA also has put DMSO products on a list of fake cancer “cures” to avoid.

There is some evidence that DMSO might be useful as a drug carrier for the treatment of bladder cancer. However, further testing is needed.

Now for the mocking.

The initial excitement during the 1960s and ’70s for a wide variety of uses with natural, inexpensive DMSO […]

DMSO is “natural” now even though it’s an industrial byproduct? *raises eyebrows*

SCAM proponents have a weird definition on “natural”.

[…] was eventually suppressed by the Medical Mafia and followed by obligatory disinformation campaigns.

Because there was evidence of glaucoma when we were using it in animal models. That’s not suppression, that’s saying that the risk is too great.

The unofficial explanation for the Camelot raid and shutdown was that the clinic was using vitamin B17, or laetrile, an FDA-banned substance for treating cancer. Laetrile was banned even after it was proven safe and efficacious against cancer. Because as a natural substance, it wasn’t patentable for huge profits.

I went over the story of laetrile in a previous post. Needless to say, laetrile has been linked to cyanide poisoning, is not effective for anything, and is not safe to consume.

Also, just saying, but you don’t need to patent something to make huge profits. Acetaminophen isn’t patented, and yet it still brings large profits to the companies that sell it. In addition, much of the medicines that we have come initially come from natural sources (e.g. aspirin, digoxin).

(I really need to finish that series. Note to self.)

Instead of the chemo destroying everything in its path as usual, the DMSO escorted the chemo to cancer cells only, thus greatly reducing the amount of chemotherapy needed for a result.

DMSO can read minds? And it somehow intuitively knows to only go towards the cancer cells, and not to the eye or whatnot? And it’s smart enough to not transport chemotherapy drugs to surrounding cells?

The scientist in me finds it really, really, really hard to suspend belief.

Using only 10% of any chemotherapy drug and getting positive results adversely affects Big Pharma’s profits.

See: Damage to the eye, headaches, a burning sensation at the application site, itching, and a strong garlic odor/taste in the mouth have been reported.

Also, uh, if it worked, scientists would happy embrace the treatment and we’d call it medicine. If there was something better, and it worked, why would pharmaceutical companies NOT want to market it? And why would doctors NOT use it? After all, the goal of medicine is to treat and help patients—if there was something better that we can use for a treatment, we’d totally use it.

DMSO has been used by itself for anecdotal success with cancer.

Anecdotes =! data.

Now, NaturalNews was nice to us, and threw us a bone with a study done in India. This is the study in question. The actual text is behind a pay wall, so I can’t actually go over the methodology and see if it’s valid.

But let’s say it is. Let’s say that it actually does what it says it does.

One study isn’t enough. We still need to be able to replicate it, see if the results in rats can apply to humans, etc. So while it is promising, this is by no means the end of the controversy. That’s how it works.

The FDA requires DMSO to be sold only as a solvent. Please research thoroughly with the sources provided before purchasing DMSO.

Industrial DMSO is not pharmaceutical grade. There’s a huge chance that there’s contaminants (both chemical and bacterial, since it’s not sterile) inside industrial DMSO, and these contaminants might kill you. DO NOT DO THIS.

Needless to say, I don’t recommend you actually purchasing DMSO and using that to treat cancer. At least not at this time. More research is needed to see if it works.

Happy Saturday!

Apparently Heartiste Thinks Feminism Is About Cuckolding as Many Men as Possible

[citation needed]

You’re really going to need a [citation needed] sign for this post.

Bonus post! Because I’m a bit of a sadomasochist and I need something to mock!

The article: “The Feminist Push to Sanction Female Infidelity” (from Heartiste, a PUA)
Its inspiration: “The Upside of Infidelity: Can an Affair Save Your Marriage?” (Slate)

Now, the Slate article is interesting. The main thing you need to know is that some therapists think that for some marriages, if a person is found to have had a conflict avoidance affair (“generally found among couples whose arguments never escalate into screaming matches” according to Slate), it can serve as a wake up call for a couple to get their act together and discuss their issues, which may end up saving a marriage.

The article starts off with an hypothetical: a wife cheats on her husband while he was away in Afghanistan, and the two of them land in therapy. They talk about their issues, and slowly they stop blaming each other and start asking questions in order to resolve their underlying issues.

Then Heartiste read the article title, the first two paragraphs of the scenario, and then went off ranting on how feminists are trying to get men cuckolded.

Let’s get started.

Advanced apologies for the f-bombs. I should probably just add that to the about page or find a way to warn people ahead of time.

What feminists are attempting to do here is nothing short of legitimize the biologically innate female imperative to fuck alpha males during ovulation and extract resources from beta males during infertile periods of the monthly cycle.


No, seriously. What?

What evidence is there that there is such thing as an alpha male, a beta male, or a “biologically innate female imperative” to bang and leech according to her period?

Feminists and various “health professionals” would agitate to normalize the “alpha fux, beta bux” female mating strategy. As society becomes ever more feminized and emasculated, expect to see more of these rancid ideas percolate in mainstream discussion, as the pro-female directive and anti-male directive reach their demonic apotheoses.

You know what this thing is missing? Evidence.

Also, what is with the “alpha fux, beta bux”? Are you trying to emulate wannabe 12 year old gangsters who think that spelling words with an “x” at the end and maybe a gang sign or two is enough to make a person cool?

The divorce industrial and family court complexes are rigged against the interests of men, and getting more rigged by the day.

[citation needed]

An army of leftoids fed on the swill of legalese will barely break a sweat holding the contradictory beliefs that women cheat for good reasons and men cheat because they’re oppressive patriarchs.

[citation needed]

Eventually, with the help of dazzling sophistry, the law will be twisted to such a warped geometry that the people will come to accept injustice as fairness and lies as truth. And those who bitterly cling to old-fashioned notions of justice will be scorned as rubes and cast out of polite society, their reputations and livelihoods destroyed with the ease of smashing an insect.

Heartiste, you’re as bad of a writer as Stephanie Meyer.

No, wait. That’s an insult to Meyer. Sorry, Ms. Meyer.

The irony of this feminism-inspired dross is that a case can be made that male infidelity might very well enhance marital stability, over the long term.

And now we’re at the heart of this post: letting men bang as many women as they want, without any consequences whatsoever.

Men are naturally disposed to seek and enjoy mate variety, […]

[citation needed]

[…] and men are better than women at maintaining multiple lovers without sacrificing love or duty for any one of them.

So many assertions. So little evidence.

A cheating husband who gets his sexual needs met will feel less resentment toward his frigid wife.

Because if a man cheats on his wife, it’s always 100% the wife’s fault because she doesn’t do sex on command.

And if a man cheats, a woman’s supposed to just smile and pretend that nothing is wrong in their relationship, ever.

A cheating wife, in contrast, will feel more resentment for her beta husband who will assume the role for her of the man “keeping her from happiness”.

Because the only two settings a woman has is hate and more hate.

This isn’t to suggest that excusing male infidelity is good for the institution of marriage and the sustenance of an advanced, high trust civilization. Only that, if we are to set down this road of rationalizing the benefits of infidelity, it makes a lot more sense to grant husbands the generous latitude to pursue extramarital pleasures than it does to grant wives that same freedom.

“I have a right to cheat on you, because you refused to sleep with me the other night. You are never to complain, because I’m a logical man and I have needs, damn it! If you didn’t want me to cheat, you’d never say no to sex!”

Feminism is the sick, wheezing spawn of its parent ideology, equalism, the belief in a magical flying spaghetti monster that imbues all humans with equal ability and equal worth, […]

Hey! Don’t you dare insult the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

And what the hell is equalism? Is that like a new religion where we worship equal signs and give offerings to our masters “1+1=2” and “2+2=4”?

[…] interchangeable flesh cogs […]

We’re in a machine now?

[…] that can as easily master astrophysics as lawn care […]

Because women are inherently too stupid to understand science.

[…] given the right dose of self-esteem boosting pablum.

Because there’s something wrong with you if you have any sense of self-worth.

Whatever the self-professed noble intentions of their advocates, these ideologies are as wicked and destructive as any genocidal revolutions that have come before them.

Because an article saying that maybe an affair could serve as a wake-up call to resolve issues in a marriage is equivalent to mother freaking genocide.

Feminism’s proponents will suffer endless ridicule should they choose to fight, or they will retreat from the public square to lick their wounds in the comfort of their silent seething thoughts.

I’m sensing some psychological projection going on here.

And, if the spoils of victory are rich indeed, some will self-deliver to release the pain.

Ew, dude. I don’t really need to know what you’re wanking off to.

Happy mocking!

My One Trip to the Cesspool of Pesudoscience:

Today, I went off the deep end in search of new blog material, I opened an incognito window on my browser, and typed in in the address bar.

Oh gods. Oh, oh gods.

I knew that was not a reliable source and that if you quote it seriously, you’re going to get laughed out of the room. I knew that that site was going to be chock full of misinformation and that you need to watch out before you get sucked in. Everything pesudoscientific ever to come into existence can and will end up here, plus some additional things such as conspiracy theories.

So I thought I knew what to expect.

It’s even worse than that.

The following is a sample page on what you might find on This is a screenshot, and not a link to the actual page itself. Hence, none of the links are clickable. You have been forewarned.

It’s so wrong that it’s not even wrong anymore.

I don’t even think this is worth debunking or mocking. It’s so ridiculous, mocking it won’t even do it justice. That’s how bad it is.

I’m going to go find brain bleach.

Happy Friday!

How to be Dateable, the Gender Essentialist Way

Now, I’m aware that there’s absolutely no shortage on dating advice online. People are obsessed with trying to get a date and finding relationships. And that’s fine! Relationships are good, so long as you and your significant other(s) respect one another and want to be together!

And then we get gender essentialism into the mix.

Today’s “dating rules for the heterosexual gender essentialist” comes from, a site dedicated to make you dateable. Let’s get started.

Dating rules for girls:

Accept your girly-ness. You’re a girl. Be proud of all that means. You are soft, you are gentle, you are a woman. Don’t try to be a guy. Guys like you because you are different from them. So let your girly-ness soar.

So if I’m not gentle or soft, I’m not a woman? Does that mean that I can’t swear anymore, or have a temper?

Tell it like it is. Dateable girls don’t lie to themselves. They don’t say stuff like, “His girlfriend just isn’t good to him, that’s why he’s seeing me on the side.” Or “She started it so I’m going to get even.” The Dateable girl let’s God run the world, and tells herself the truth–that all she can control is herself. She doesn’t imagine things to be more than they are.

Okay, let’s ignore the “everyone believes in God” presumption in this advice and just get to the root of it. (Seriously? Are you implying that atheists aren’t dateable?)

The presumption is that girls are inherently control freaks who want to control everything and anything. Isn’t that, like, a little bit sexist?

(Also, uh, why is your hypothetical girl seeing someone who has an SO?)

The sexiest thing on a girl is happiness. Girls try so hard to add beauty and sexuality to themselves with clothes and make-up, but the truth is it’s your spirit that makes you hot. Your outlook on life, your happiness factor. Dateable girls aren’t downers, they love life.

“Hey girls, if you want a date, all you have to do is smile!”

Also, you do realize that not everything we do revolves around boys, right? Maybe the clothes and makeup are because we think it makes us look good and it makes us happy.

Girls don’t fight girls, ever. Revenge belongs to God. Dateable girls know that when they fight other girls they look stupid and catty, and guys don’t like it any more than God does.

“Ladies, we don’t like it when you’re angry, so don’t ever be angry. Even if you’re rightfully pissed off, anger makes you unattractive and undateable!”

Believe in your beauty. Dateable girl learn how to overcome the sins of the past that have been perpetrated on them. They don’t let the enemy steal their beauty. God made them, so they know they are beautiful, even if they don’t feel like it sometimes.

“Just believe that you’re pretty, even if you don’t feel like it! That’ll solve all body image issues, ever!”

Be mysterious. Dateable girls know how to shut up. They don’t monopolize the conversation. They don’t tell everyone everything about themselves. They save some for later. They listen more than they gab.

“Know your place. Don’t talk too much, because men HATE it when you have something to say and an opinion!”

Act confident. Dateable girls know that confidence is hot. And the cool part is that no one knows if you are confident but you. Confidence isn’t how you feel, it’s how you act. Act confident and people will think you are.

This isn’t bad advice. If you’re confident, people will see that.

Look ‘em in the eye. Part of being a Dateable girl means you really see people. They matter, and if you don’t look them in the eye then you will never see them and they will never know they matter to you. Look ‘em in the eye. They are valuable.

What if you have autism and you can’t look at them in the eye because you feel uncomfortable?

Let him lead. God made guys as leaders. Dateable girls get that and let him do guy things, get a door, open a ketchup bottle. They relax and let guys be guys. Which means they don’t ask him out!!!

Because we still live in the 1950s and it’s totally emasculating to pursue a guy that you like, or to take charge of yourself every once in a while.

*eye roll*

Even Santana isn’t buying into this bullshit.

Need him. Dateable girls know that guys need to be needed. A Dateable girl isn’t Miss Independent. She knows we are made for community. Needing each other is part of faith. She allows him to be needed at times, knowing he was called to serve just as much as she was.

Because obviously if you’re not co-dependent on your significant other you’re totally undateable and you’ll die a spinster with ten thousand cats.

Dating rules for guys:

Being a guy is good. Dateable guys know they aren’t as sensitive as girls and that’s okay. They know they are stronger, more dangerous, and more adventurous and that’s okay. Dateable guys are real men who aren’t afraid to be guys.

So if you’re a dude and you feel the need to cry sometimes, can’t lift, don’t want to go more than maybe ten miles away from home, and won’t hurt a fly, you’re an emasculated wimp and you should be ashamed of yourself?

Believe in yourself. Dateable guys know they are men even if someone has tried to bring them down or make them less than men. They know that the past doesn’t define the future.


Also, uh, sometimes the past does define the future. Example: you have a history of being an abusive douchebag.

Control your mind. Dateable guys know that God demands self control. They learn ways to control their minds so they can control their bodies.

Because men naturally will hump anything and everything if they don’t learn discipline.

Don’t just want a win, want an adventure. Dateable guys know life is about danger. You might not win, but that’s not the point, doing it is. Dateable guys risk failure to live the adventure of life.

Okay, presuming that this is about being confident, this isn’t bad advice.

Face your Fears. Dateable guys will not be controlled by fear. Whatever controls you owns you. Fear is from the enemy and so the Dateable guy stands in the face of it and says, “ha!”

And if you admit that you’re scared even once, you’re emasculated and should be ashamed of yourself.

Men of God are wild, not domesticated. Dateable guys aren’t tamed. They don’t live by the rules of the opposite sex. They fight battles, conquer lands, and stand up for the oppressed.

“If you act like a girl, you should be ashamed of yourself. REAL men don’t act like girls!”

Bring God into it. Dateable guys bring God into it. “What would He say if he was talking to me through this situation?” they ask.

So atheists are undateable?

Be honest with girls. Dateable guys don’t use the truth to their advantage. They know that girls read into things so they don’t use that for their good. They are honest and not manipulative.

Honesty is a good policy, yes. But did you really have to make the assumption that girls are inherently overanalytical to make your point? Why not just say “being honest is a good thing because that means that all parties know what is expected”?

Be a gentleman. Chivalry is not dead with the Dateable guy. Even if society thinks this is old fashioned he knows that it is God-fashioned. He keeps his gentleman side strong and considers all women important enough to care for.

Sure, be nice to women. That’s a good thing!

But seriously, paternalism towards women? Isn’t that a wee bit misogynistic. presuming that women can’t take care of themselves and that it’s the man’s job to save her from herself?

Keep it covered up. Dateable guys know that porn is bad for the spirit and the mind. They keep women covered up.

Because wanting to have sex is something that needs to be suppressed and is inherently a Bad Thing.

Also of note, the guy who owns the website actually advised female students at a high school that if they want to catch a guy, they need to know to shut up.

How’s that for gender essentialism and misogyny?