Hey, Guys, Did You Know That According to Kenneth Copeland, Abortion Causes Climate Change?

So apparently, the reason why we’re suffering the effects of anthropogenic climate change is because of the United States legalized abortion.

See, the fact that a woman might be getting an abortion somewhere makes God angry, and when God’s angry, he throws a temper tantrum that consists of floods, hurricanes, droughts, the melting of the ice caps, the warming of the oceans, and other extreme things to punish us.

One might wonder why God hates women so much, and also why God’s acting like a two year old. After all, God could have made it so that the women seeking abortions didn’t have to (e.g. not let them get pregnant, or make it so that it’s not lethal, or give them money so that they can afford another kid), but instead he throws a tantrum because screw you woman without funds to feed another mouth. And screw you woman with an ectopic pregnancy, screw you woman with a partial miscarriage, screw you Beatriz, and screw you Savita Halappanavar.

Does Copeland think that we’re burning dead fetuses and that’s what offending God? Or does he think that the instant a woman decides that she’s going to abort, God automatically gets a popup notification so that he can increase punishment on us?

I mean, that does say a lot about the so-called “merciful” God if he gets pissed off that women have choices and aren’t human incubators. Or at least it says a lot about Copeland and other anti-choice ilk such as he.


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