Happy Veteran’s Day people! Today, another serving of woo, mocked up to your taste.

Woo NEVER gets old, does it?

The article: “Raw Organic Fruits and Vegetables Can Cure Cancer, So Why Don’t Oncologists Tell Their Patients?”

The presumption: raw foods will cure a cancer patient.

Someone want to explain to me how that works?

There is a 75-year “CON” known as Western Medicine, but it’s a hush-hush topic in the news and in newspapers and magazines. Although medical doctors and surgeons are experts at fixing broken bones or removing animal fat from clogged arteries, the “pharmaceutical nation” known as the USA is caving in on itself, but nobody is allowed to talk about it on TV, or they lose all their sponsors.

Only a few sentences in and we’re already getting ZOMG CONSPIRACY!!!11!!. It’s like BOOM! CONSPIRACY! IN YOUR FACE!

And of course the media’s in on it. And the doctors, and Big Pharma.

How many people were bribed again?

There is also a world of medicine known as organic food, but some people want to cook it, fry it, boil it or broil it, or even worse, grill it out, and that LIVE food becomes DEAD food, useless to the body, which needs nutrients for immunity, cellular health, vitality and sustainability.

Because it’s so terrible to want to eat something warm and soft rather than something cold. And because obviously we were much better off before the invention of fire, when we had to risk diseases.

And of course, because by the time the food gets to your stomach, it’s not already dead/denatured/whatever from the stomach acids.

So why don’t oncologists talk about RAW foods, which are full of nutrients, oxygen for the cells (the cure for cancer) and the RAW REGIMEN when people are on their “death beds” or “sent home to die” with pancreatic cancer, liver cancer or cancer of some other organ that you have to have to survive?


  1. More nutrients =! cancer cure?
  2. You get more oxygen through breathing than by eating (besides the fact that your gut doesn’t actually absorb oxygen)?
  3. We have evidence that chemotherapy can help treat/cure people, and we have evidence that people who forego conventional cancer therapy just so that they can eat vegetables 24/7 die?
  4. Giving false hope to patients is really unethical?

Are these “Western Medicine” practitioners evil, money-grabbing cons or are they just ignorant, miseducated and unknowing? How could that be? How could you be trained to do surgery or read lab results and not know ONE THING about nutrition? Do some of them know but are not saying because their income would drop to about 25% of what they make now, using dangerous chemicals to treat a chemical-driven disease?

False dichotomy much?

Of course doctors know about nutrition. They also know that we don’t actually have evidence showing that ODing on micronutrients is going to treat/cure cancer.

Also, the fact that this author thinks that cancer is chemically-driven shows how much this author actually understands cancer.

(Hint: although hazardous chemicals can increase your risk for cancer, cancer is, first and foremost, uncontrollable cell division due to screwed up DNA).

No oncologist in the world suggests medicinal mushrooms, and take a big guess why!

Because eating a whole bunch of mushrooms isn’t going to treat/cure cancer?

(For a second there I thought the author meant psychedelic mushrooms. Uhhh.)

I mean, I know that oncologists do recommend people to eat healthier, but uh, that’s pretty much the same advice your physician gives you as a matter of point.

The answer to every one of the questions above is to just listen to the people who DO KNOW about RAW foods and can tell wonderful stories of their own recovery from deadly cancer and why they chose nutrition over chemo, surgery and radiation. Learn from honest souls who share their most personal journeys, through and past the “cons” of the cancer-industrial complex.

Because obviously anecdotes are the same as data if you have a lot of them.

Consider the fact that even scientists have found a natural cure for cancer, and people TESTIFY in court that it works, even for children with “terminal” cancer

Because court testimony is the same thing as a randomized clinical trial.

Check out Fooducate – the free phone app that scans the barcodes of foods and drinks, tells you if it’s GMO and rates it for quality!

Except that GMOs don’t cause cancer. And the scientific consensus agrees that GMOs are perfectly safe.

[…] if you don’t “eat” cancer, it doesn’t “eat” you.

Wait. Why were you even considering going down on Cancer anyhow?

I don't think going down on Cancer's very comfortable.

No, seriously. Why were you considering going down on this? It boggles the mind.


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