“Hey Ladies, If You Didn’t Want to Get Raped, Why Didn’t You Just Shut Your Legs?!” Asks a Lawyer

No, I’m not kidding. Someone SERIOUSLY said that.


Picard himself is groaning from the stupidity in that argument.

This was the statement that Keith Jefferies, defense lawyer for convicted rapist George Jason Pule, asked the jury.

“All she would have had to do was to close her legs . . . it’s as simple as that,” he told the jury. “Why didn’t she do that? . . . The reason she didn’t do that was because the sex was consensual, as easy as that.”

Because OBVIOUSLY if you didn’t bind zip ties to your ankles to prevent yourself from getting raped, then the sex was totally consensual! After all, rapists can’t rape you if you squeeze your thighs tight enough!


Needless to say, activists were not thrilled.

Hint: if a lawyer is seriously arguing that a lady just needs to shut her legs tight as she can to not be raped, that’s rape culture.


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