How Women’s Rights are Designer Goods and Other Thoughts from the Misogynistic Sphere

Obviously, I’m not dead, or otherwise this post would not exist. I hate exams. And homework. But mostly exams.

Unfortunately for us, while the world moves on and does more important things like not fail Calculus, misogyny never shuts up.

Today’s featured misogynistic screed is “Remove the Needs”, written by a woman named Laura Grace Robins. According to her, women’s rights are the same as designer goods: often ugly looking, extremely expensive, and totally unnecessary.

*rubs hands* I’ve been looking forward to this.

Even though men no longer go out for wild beasts, the modern workplace is just as wild and very often has a live or die atmosphere; literally regarding the military and other dangerous fields and figuratively with the competitiveness of business. 

Wait. So hypothetically, if I fail doing my office job (presuming that I want one), I’ll die? And my body would be buried with the scars of sharp scissors on my hands, paper cuts on my fingers, and punch holes from staplers?

The dynamics are still the same for men, but women do not return the comforts of home as a favor. They are too busy slaying their own wild beasts. Sure she still may pick up dinner at a restaurant and thus its looks like she is creating a home with “food according to his liking”, but I suspect deep down for the husband it just isn’t the same. She did not labor and put love into the meal as he did for his paycheck.

Because all men love their jobs, men can’t cook, and if a man picks up dinner at a restaurant it’s infused with love from his money.

Why can’t women love their jobs, and why can’t men want to cook dinner?

If God had meant us to live like animals, like we are today, then we would not have the maternal and paternal instinct that we do, nor this desire to create a family.

Obviously animals don’t feel this urge to have kids either. That’s why animals don’t have mating seasons and why many of these animals don’t risk death trying to sire offspring to pass on their genes.


Gratitude. This is not something the modern woman thinks she owes anyone, especially a husband.

Wait. Since when are feminists teaching other people that we can eschew basic manners and empathy?

It is clear that modern wives have no need for husbands, since they now have their own money and independence; therefore, love does not feed. Husbands have also learned or been explicitly told that they too have no need for their modern wives. Modern technology has basically made a wife obsolete.

I’m pretty sure that one of the goals of the feminist agenda isn’t “no more marriage, EVER!”.

Also, isn’t it kind of sad that the only reason Ms. Robins think women want to get married is because they need a wage slave?

Men can still efficiently cook meals and a keep a home without it interfering with his work day. If it still took a whole day to do laundry or we were cooking over open hearths, wives would still be needed as men can’t do all that, plus make a living. Again, love does not feed. I think women still need men, more than men will ever need women.

Obviously women are totally unable to make a living and have a career, and will die starving on the streets without men to give them money.


When shopping, we are told to recognize before buying something if it is a ‘need’ or a ‘want’. This is a way to stay clear of impulse buying. Feminists generally say its Okay to still want to be a mom or want to get married, but its NOT OKAY to say you ‘need’ to be a mom or ‘need’ to be married. 

Women don’t really need to have rights, they just want it, and we need to train women to follow their BIOTRUTHS and just be incubators.

Also: Ms. Robins. It’s totally okay if you feel that being a housewife is totally your calling. As a feminist, I’ll happily say that. It only becomes a problem when you extrapolate your personal choices and tell other women that they’re lesser because they didn’t make the same choices as you did.

If a woman merely wants to be a mom, there is still some wiggle room. Feminists can get in there and change her mind. Wants are Okay because they can be controlled and manipulated (advertising does this quite well). However, needs are more primal and survival based. 

Funny how Ms. Robins claims that feminists are trying to make everyone “live like animals”, and then she turns around and says that we should return to the so-called “primal and survival based” needs.

I would argue that the latter is trying to make people live more like animals, as it’s basically telling people that they should rely solely on “instinct”, if instinct means following the essential BIOTRUTHSKinder, Küche, Kirche, right?

At some point (usually around 40) the numbness wears off and women remember their basic needs of home and family.

So if I don’t snag a husband for myself by the time I turn 40, I’m going to die a sad spinster with ten thousand cats?

How heteronormative.

Buzz word alert: “experts!” Public school teachers are these paid experts. Even for the most sensitive issues, schools teach children to rely upon the school for their needs, i.e., birth control. They learn in school not to NEED their parents.

I don’t recall going to elementary school and being told that I should totally ditch my parents and declare emancipation.

I also don’t remember my middle/high school telling us anything about birth control. I mean, it’s probably different in other school districts, but my school district never really told us about birth control.

In either case, a person’s sex life is their business. And while it would be nice if a minor can be open with their parents regarding their sex life, it’s not necessary. A person’s body is not owned by their parents, period.

Yes, it is an “unnatural struggle for bread against the men who should be their natural protectors.” Very backwards. At times, I’m glad that I am in a women dominated field and generally compete with only other women. Guilt would be just that much more if I had to compete with men for the bread (i.e. pilot). Right now, at least I know I am not taking a job away from a man and pushing into his sphere.

That’s nice that you’re happy doing what you do, Ms. Robins. But why are you constantly guilt-tripping yourself on whether a man would approve on what you want to do in your life?

That doesn’t sound like a happy life.

Sex unity is gasping for its last breath as the hook-up culture is rampant and women willingly choose to be single moms.

Since when? I thought that the reason why many women are single mothers is because their partner was a huge asshole, and in many cases, left the women alone with the kids?

And that’s not to mention women who escape abusive households because the other option was to hope that the abusive partner won’t kill you or your kids.

She may have everything she wants, but not everything she needs. She wants independence, the vote, her own income, etc., but she wants all these things like she wants a designer purse. Underneath it all, it is just for show and what she really needs are the basics; like food, shelter, and a husband.

So I really don’t need to have the right to vote or the right to have my own income. Instead, I really, really, really long for a husband, even though I’m asexual and don’t have a desire to find a partner in general. And if I don’t get myself a hubby right now, I’ll die when I hit 40.

How heteronormative.

By women of today, she means the women of 1914! They had the the key, the chance to stop it all, but instead they were lured by wants and forgot about their needs and the needs of their families. Now most women live hollow lives filled with closets full of shoes and purses, while homes are empty of husbands and children.

“If you don’t have a husband and several children by the time you turn 40, your life is totally worthless and you should be ashamed of yourself.”

She has no one to “appreciate, sympathize with, are grateful to, enliven, comfort, and cheer.” 

Because obviously only husbands can fill that role, and not friends, brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, cousins, etc.

It’s kind of depressing, isn’t it?

To make everyone feel better, here’s a picture of a cute cat with two differently colored eyes.


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