Evolutionary Psychology Bingo Card


I’ve no idea who made this card, in all honesty. However, this is perfect. Use it when someone tries to claim that 1950s gender roles are evolutionary chosen for and how women are naturally inferior to men because SCIENCE!.


2 thoughts on “Evolutionary Psychology Bingo Card

  1. twofingerstwocubes

    It’s a perfect strawman. 1950’s gender roles make no sense in evolutionary psychology. We know from genetics that the vast majority of males up until the invention of agriculture probably died as virgins. There’s far larger variations in DNA passed down the female line than there are passed down the male line. So we can say that in our natural state humans are a bit like most primates: large groups of females mating with one alpha male and the occasional cheeky beta who can bribe a female by offering food. We know from studies that about 20% of men have about 80% of the sexual partners, which fits the hypothesis. 1950’s gender roles, and the monogamy and nuclear family they dictate simply don’t fit with this.

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