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Happy New Year!

As it says on the tin, have a Happy New Year!

Stay safe, don’t drink and drive, don’t rape people, remember to drink a lot of water, have a good time, and do science!


Downtime Explaination

Okay, so if you were trying to get to this blog for the past few days, you might have noticed something about this domain being suspended. 

Explanation: WordPress had suspended my blog for a few days, in the belief that I somehow violated the Terms of Service for some reason. I filed an error report to say “hey, what the hell, I didn’t even get a notification, you probably made a mistake” on Friday, and happily it seems to have been lifted today.

For that downtime, I apologize. 

Or, actually, technically it’s WordPress’s fault for screwing up in the first place, but there you go.

New posts are up and coming though! Stay tuned!

What I Learned Today

  1. I need to crack down and study for an exam and a quiz, both which are quite difficult. This is why there wasn’t a post yesterday and why there might not be a post tomorrow. 
  2. Don’t ever try to reheat cinnamon rolls in the microwave for a minute and a half unless you want your apartment to smell burnt. 
  3. Nail polish remover works to clean away burnt yellow stains in the microwave.
  4. Microwaving citrus peels in water for six minutes gets rid of the smell.  

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween guys!

I want to write a post, but honestly, my housemates and I recently ordered a pizza and the math we had to do to figure out who owed what was too complicated. Plus, I’m extremely hyper or something right now, and I can’t really sit down and write a post.

(What happened was that I paid for the entire pizza, and my housemates owed me money, except that I didn’t have money for the tip, and one of my housemates didn’t have money for tip either, so we were trying to figure out how to do the “we pay equal shares for stuff” thing. Math is complicated!

Also, we all came to the agreement that figuring out who owes what in regards to a pizza is much more complicated than calculus. So there.)

I’ll see if I can come up with a Halloween themed post tomorrow or something.

Have a fun, safe, un-bigoted, and scientifically-accurate Halloween! (Heh.)

Non Reperio Tempus Hodie et Cras.

So, as the title says, I can’t find time today and tomorrow to post (damn tests and due dates one after another). This may hold up for the next few days, as homework takes time to do, and I have studying to do.

Hence, take this as the post for at least the next two days, if not more. Sorry!

Incidentally, if you can figure out what language I used for the title, you get a free Internet cookie. Please pick them up by the door.

Edit: I hate it when I don’t proofread before I publish.

I Went Wikipedia Surfing Instead of Writing…

And so no posts today.

Basically, I was bad and was Wikipedia surfing (well, I guess Pokemon Wikipedia surfing, given that I was reading Bulbapedia the entire time) when I should have been doing the next post regarding abortion and adoption. Oops.

The post about abortion and adoption should be up tomorrow, presuming that the homework doesn’t get me first. *nod*

Lack of Posts Today, Sorry!

Sorry, there’s probably not going to be a post tonight. I know I should, but a few things:

  1. There was a post that I prepared that I was intending to publish today, regarding complementing women. Then I decided to get feedback, and so far I’ve found that I’m going to need to edit that.
  2. Anti-abortion pamphlet! There were anti-abortionists doing a demonstration today. While they didn’t actually give out plastic fetuses, they gave us pamphlets on how abortion is all evil and how it’s genocide and how overpopulation is a lie. I need to read through it and debunk it, one by one, and that’s going to take some time.
  3. I didn’t want to mock Natural News two days in a row. There’s only so much you could take.
  4. I still need to write a draft for Part 3 of the Consumer’s Bill of Rights!

Hence, no post. Sorry.

In the meanwhile, here are pictures of two different cute cats:



Cat 2