Accelerated Christian Education: A Program Designed to Brainwash Children into Creationist Nonsense

Today I learned about the existence of an alternative curriculum used in creationist private schools: Accelerated Christian Education. Their goal? By teaching students a curriculum built on the foundation of “the Word of God”, the idea is that these students will be able “to see life from God’s point of view, to take responsibility for their own learning, and to walk in Godly wisdom and character”.

But what exactly are they teaching these students, in order to get them to BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF DA ALMIGHTY LORD?

This is the curriculum laid out for parents as a guideline for teaching their students in the Godly way. The education, as one might have guessed, is intended to teach children about the Bible alongside history, science, English, and math.

Uh oh.

The science curricula is as follows (quoted):

Science 1 (Grade 1) (PACEs 1001-1012)
The student:

  • Pronounces and learns new vocabulary words as they are defined and used in the text.
  • Discovers God’s wisdom as he learns about God creating Earth and Earth’s movements, the four seasons.
  • Learns about the design and care of the human eye and ear; high, low, soft, and loud sounds.
  • Learns about the importance of personal health—clean teeth and hands.
  • Gains a respect for God as he learns about God’s wisdom, goodness, kindness, and that all things belong to God.
  • Reads stories and answers questions about God’s creation.
  • Continues to build eye-hand coordination by drawing shapes, irregular shapes, and directional lines.

Science 2 (Grade 2) (PACEs 1013-1024)
The student:

  • Expands his knowledge of the days of Creation, the first man and woman.
  • Learns about animals, changes in seasons and weather, heavenly bodies, plains, flat lands, valleys, hills, and mountains. 
  • Enlarges his vocabulary with the introduction of new words. 
  • Builds reading comprehension. 
  • Continues to build eye-hand coordination by drawing shapes, irregular shapes, and directional lines . 
  • Learns how God made every person unique through the introduction of fingerprints, etc.
  • Learns about the five senses. 
  • Is encouraged in character development through examples given in each PACE.

Science 3 (Grade 3) (PACEs 1025-1036)
The student:

  • Observes the faithfulness of God while learning about the solar system.
  • Learns about the concept and measurement of time.
  • Learns about animal and plant life cycles.
  • Recalls and continues the study of God’s Creation.
  • Studies Bible topics such as Jesus’ return; sin, death, and the curse; man’s freedom to choose to love and obey God.
  • Read stories using new vocabulary and visual discrimination.
  • Looks at geological changes after the Flood—jungles and hot lands, tundra and cold lands, volcanoes and earthquakes.
  • Is encouraged in character development through examples given in each PACE


Science 5 (Grade 5) (PACEs 1049-1060)
The student:

  • Explores living and nonliving matter and active, dormant, and extinct volcanoes.
  • Learns about energy—work, force, kinetic, potential, and radiant energy.
  • Studies oceanography, astronomy, comets, and the aurora borealis.
  • Studies the outer, inner, and middle ear; hearing difficulties; and vibration, pitch, and frequency of sounds. 
  • Studies molecular and atomic theories; friction, heat, and gravity; and expansion and contraction.
  • Views dinosaurs and fossils from a Biblical perspective. 
  • Learns the relationship between the Bible and botany, meteorology, and zoology.
  • Discovers the Bible to be the final authority in scientific matters.
  • Learns new vocabulary words in each PACE.
  • Is encouraged in character development through examples given in each PACE


Science 8 (Grade 8) (PACEs 1085-1096)
The student:

  • Explores the wonders, resources, and cycles of God’s Creation.
  • Searches proofs of Creation and the Flood.
  • Studies astronomy—the stars, familiar and unusual, their purpose and message, and planets of the solar system.
  • Learns about the structure and measurable qualities of Earth’s atmosphere, climates, weather factors and forecasting, and the hydrosphere.
  • Looks at the foundations of the world—Earth’s layers, topography and mapping of the world, soil formation and conservation, and weathering and erosion.
  • Discovers Earth’s buried treasures—understanding, classifying, using, and appreciating our mineral resources.
  • Is encouraged in character development through examples given in each PACE .

Biology (Grade 9) (PACEs 1097-1108)
The student:

  • Views the wonders of the Creator as he studies the structure and function of man’s skin, skeleton, and muscles; the central nervous system; blood and circulation; nutrition and growth.
  • Observes scientific proof for Creation of fish, amphibians, reptiles, and invertebrates.
  • Examines mammals—their characteristics, migration, and hibernation; groups and body structure of birds; characteristics and classification of plants.
  • Learns the system of scientific classification.
  • Uses character stories to apply Scriptural principles to everyday situations

Emphasis mine.

Is this about teaching children the scientific method, or is it about indoctrinating children into never questioning the Bible, ever?

Also, seriously? You’re not going to teach students anything about genetics? AND you’re forcing students to look for “scientific proof” of creationism as described in Genesis 1-2? AND you’re teaching them that despite evidence to the contrary, the Bible is THE FINAL WORD on all things?

How is that science, and how is this in any way acceptable?

Health (PACEs 1-6) 1/2 Credit
The student:

  • Learns the importance of proper nutrition, both spiritual and physical; types of nutrients; a balanced approach to exercise, diet, and weight loss.
  • Examines a Biblical view of tobacco, alcohol, harmful drugs, sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS, and mental and emotional health.
  • Gains valuable information on safety in six basic areas: home, transportation, job, school, personal safety, and safety for children.
  • Learns about basic first aid treatment and care such as bites, bleeding, burns, fractures, and choking, taking a temperature or pulse, and blood pressure reading.

$10 that the “Biblical view of tobacco, alcohol, harmful drugs, sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS, and mental and emotional health” involves abstinence, no premarital sex, AIDS is punishment for gay people, and absolutely NOTHING on birth control methods such as condoms and the Pill.

Just, oh gods. Oh gods, no.

This isn’t science. This is a brainwashing campaign.

And unfortunately for us,

In the United Kingdom, UK NARIC has deemed qualifications based on ACE to be comparable to A-level. Ofsted routinely whitewashes ACE schools in reports, and ACE nurseries teaching creationism receive government funding.

In New Zealand, ACE qualifications are accepted for university entrance.

In the USA, ACE’s Lighthouse Christian Academy is accredited by MSA-CESS. The curriculum is used in government-funded creationist voucher programs in eleven states.

In South Africa, based on HESA’s recommendation, a number of universities have signed up to accept ACE graduates.

ACE says its curriculum is used in 192 countries and 6000 schools worldwide. This is happening nearer than you think.

Oh gods. Please, no. No. This needs to stop.


Happy Birthday Grace Hopper!

Google is honoring Grace Hopper’s 107th birthday today.

Of course, if people haven’t read any of my earlier posts, I really, really, really like Grace Hopper, a pioneer in computer science and developer of the first compiler, as well as coming up with the idea of computer programming languages and popularizing the term “debugging”.

Why can’t schools go over amazing women like her?

Happy 107th Ms. Hopper, may you rest in peace.

Regarding the Feminist Plan of Castration

So apparently there’s a few people who think that feminists will happily castrate uppity men for daring to call a woman “sweetie”. For example, we have this guy from Manboobz, who thinks that human resources will mutilate zir penis when the feminist revolution comes to fruition.

(I think zir found out that HR’s going to feed said mutilated penises to KittySharks and PuppySharks, as we feminists plan to take over the world and establish female superiority in all things. I can’t prove it, but still.)

I have to admit the fact that I’ve been sharpening my special castration knife and practicing on a large amount of bananas in my spare time, in order to prepare for the Mass Castration Event that will take place. As a feminist, I need to be able to castrate at least 200 men in fifteen minutes, and the faster I can do it, the better it will be.

I’m also running a bit more, but that’s more related to the fact that I want to get more exercise and be healthier than the castration thing.

Like I said though, I know a girl named Alice who really likes chocolate truffles with hazelnut centers. If you give her enough truffles (oh, I say maybe three boxes worth), she might be lenient and save you men from castration.

But remember. Chocolate truffles with HAZELNUT centers. NO SUBSTITUTES.

Okay, maybe you can get her a few bags of Lindor chocolates.

“I’M TOTES A SCIENTIST NOW!!” or How to Impress People Untrained in Science [NaturalNews mocking]

Mike Adams is showing off his “fancy tech” in a new post on NaturalNews, thinking that having fancy technology a scientist makes.

Hint: it doesn’t.

What you’re looking at in the photo is part of an atomic spectroscopy laboratory with extraordinary capabilities including parts per trillion detection of atomic elements as well as advanced, high-level isotopic ratio analysis capabilities. Somewhere in the background there’s also a collection of Ion-Selective Electrodes with various testing capabilities.

I’m not yet showing you all the instrumentation, but anyone who knows their way around a lab can probably recognize the peri pump in this photo and figure out what it’s attached to. (Hint: It’s worth more than a Lamborghini…)

Wow, I’m supposed to be impressed that you spent a few hundred thousand dollars on a spectrometer? Color me unimpressed.

The red object on the workbench with the open lid is a standard centrifuge. This one happens to be capable of 10,000G.

Oooh, a desktop centrifuge! It’s not like other laboratories have this, right????

The diagram in the center of the board is a simple drawing of an ion multiplier, which is one of the components used in my food science research.

And what are you researching, exactly?

The glasses on my head are lab safety glasses. I’m also wearing protective gloves, but you can’t see them in the photo. Unwisely, I sometimes conduct R&D in the lab wearing a short-sleeved shirt instead of a long-sleeved lab coat. (I’ve decided the lab coat is just too cumbersome…)

You know you’re a real scientist when you say “screw it, I’mma go COMMANDO in a LAB FULL OF FREAKING CHEMICALS, MANY OF WHICH THAT CAN BURN MY SKIN OFF!”. </sarcasm>

The important thing to note here is that this lab is not theater. This isn’t a green screen setup, and it’s not a bunch of fake props. In fact, at the moment this photo was taken, some of the systems in the background were actually running.

“Dudes, this lab is totes legit! Really! See, some of them actually work and actually do things, see?”

Throughout 2013, I’ve been heavily engaged in high-level analytical chemistry and atomic spectroscopy training and research. On January 7, 2014, I will begin announcing a series of food science breakthroughs that, as promised, will reshape the food industry and absolutely revolutionize personal health. Based on what we are about to announce, every individual who seeks outstanding health, amazing cognitive function, healthy offspring, longevity and freedom from chronic disease will now have a powerful, transformative new science-based paradigm from which to accomplish those goals with clarity and consistency.

This research completes my own transition from activist to scientist, and it also signifies a radical reshaping of the editorial focus of onto transformative solutions for personal and planetary health.

“High level”? “Transformative”? “Breakthroughs”? “Reshape the food industry and revolutionize personal health”?

Is this an advertisement or an article? And why are we supposed to be impressed about the fact that it’s “high level” (in mother freaking BOLD)?

I think I can wait a month to see what happens next.

Talking ‘Bout Racism is BAD ‘Cuz It Hurt Mah White Feelings!!!11!

Sources: [1] [2]

So apparently the Minneapolis Community and Technical College has a few problems regarding talking about racism—namely, they keep getting offended that someone has the gall to say that whites are in a position of power and that racism against non-white people is often perpetuated by whites.

Quote Shannon Gibney, the professor being reprimanded because she dared to talk about racism perpetuated by white people in class:

[One of the white students asked,] ‘Why do we have to talk about this in every class? Why do we have to talk about this?’ I was shocked… It was not in a calm way. His whole demeanor was very defensive. He was taking it personally. I tried to explain, of course, in a reasonable manner — as reasonable as I could given the fact that I was being interrupted and put on the spot in the middle of class — that this is unfortunately the context of 21st century America.

Another white male student said, ‘Yeah, I don’t get this either. It’s like people are trying to say that white men are always the villains, the bad guys. Why do we have to say this?’

I tried to say, ‘You guys are trying to take it personally. This is not a personal attack. We’re not all white people, you white people in general. We’re talking about whiteness as a system of oppression.’

And so I’m quite familiar, unfortunately, with how that works — and how the institutional structures and powers reinforce this white male supremacy, basically, and that sort of narrative, and way of seeing the world.

And so I said, ‘You know, if you’re really upset, feel free to go down to legal affairs and file a racial harassment discrimination complaint.’

In other words, a few white students complained—nay, whined about the fact that there is a large amount of racism perpetuated by whites, and that there is a paradigm that says that white is better.

And of course, the administration there happened to agree with these white students, and told Gibney off for teaching about racism.

Apparently talking about racism perpetuated by white people is TOTALLY racist against white people, because how dare you say that throughout history white people have had more power and privilege than non-white people. That’s like totally racist and totally untrue, ’cause racism is totally over in ‘Merica.



The Night Sky: Bigger, More Beautiful, and In Real Color

PRETTY. Credit to PetaPixel


One of my friends (an astrophysicist if I remember right) showed me this link just now, and I think it’s worthy to share, since finals are coming up and I need a little bit of just plain awesome. Don’t you?

LINKY for the news article as well as the interactive interface.

Basically, this amateur photographer traversed from the US to South Africa, taking over 40k photographs and putting it together to make a star map of awesome.

Now all I need to know is how the hell am I going to get a larger version of that image for my desktop wallpaper, because SCIENCE IS AWESOME.

Oh My Gawds, Atheists are READING THE BIBLE!!11!! And They’re Using it to Point out CONTRADICTIONS! OH NOESSSSSSSSSSS!!!11!


First off, the obligatory “I really, really, reallllllyyyyyyyyy hate homework” rant. Also, I spent Thanksgiving hanging out with my brother, and honestly, I don’t get to see him that much, since I go to college. So there’s that.

Anyways, apparently the worst thing in the world, according to Ken Ham, is atheists reading the Bible and critiquing its contradictions.


Now, there’s a few things I despise in the world: bigotry, ignorance, and the willful spread of ignorance. So, I’m going to do what I do best: MOCK!

It seems like atheists will go to pretty extreme lengths to combat the words of a God they don’t even believe exists.

Well, yeah, this is kind of understandable, given the fact that the best way to combat ignorance is to learn about the subject you’re talking about and educating others about said subject. Otherwise you sound like a dumbass.

And given that a good number of Christians have NEVER read the Bible (see: using Leviticus 18:22 as DA REASON why homosexuality is DA IMMORALZ when Paul states that Gentiles are free from following Jewish law; it’s in numerous passages in the Bible, e.g. Acts 15:7-11), it makes sense to read it, especially if your goal is to educate people on its contradictions and maybe get said people to rethink their blind faith.

So seriously. If your goal is to dissuade people from Christianity, it makes sense to KNOW what the Bible says. That’s how debate works.

recent article from the Religion News Service reports, “Atheists use a popular Bible app to evangelize about unbelief.” The article contains interviews with a number of young atheists who have chosen to use YouVersion, one of the most popular apps around, as a way of trying to shake the faith of Christians.

And this is a bad thing, how? Are Bibles just for Christians now?

I have to admit, I have several copies of the Bible (an ebook, that YouVersion app, and a physical copy for class). And I’ve read the Bible—the Gospel in its entirety, plus 1 and 2 Corinthians, Romans, and over half of the Old Testament. (I need to find time to finish reading it.) I read it not because I wanted to disprove Christians, but because it helps me to understand classical literature, given that much of it has allusions to Biblical texts.

But apparently, since I’m an atheist, it’s totally a bad thing to read it, because apparently the only reason atheists read the Bible is because they want to prove TRU BELIEVERS wrong.


This is totally deserving of an eye roll.

That and what’s wrong with educating people?

And, unsurprisingly, these atheists are focusing on supposed contradictions in the Bible to make their points. Lauren, the atheist quoted above, states, “Reading the full story with all its contradictions and violence and sexism, it should make you think, ‘Is this really what I believe in?’”

Have you even read the Bible, Mr. Ham? There’s a LOAD of contradictions in there, beginning with Genesis 1:1-3 and Genesis 1:14-19. This is not to mention the fact that Genesis 1 states that plants came before man, and then Genesis 2 states that man came before plants.

If the beginning of what you consider to be your Holy Text written by your Infallible God is full of contradictions, what does that say about God?

Sadly, atheists like Lauren haven’t approached Scripture with the desire to have these problems resolved by believers who are equipped to answer such claims. No, instead they have come with a bias against God and His Word, and they desire to damage the faith that others have in God. These skeptics are intentionally searching for supposed problems in Scripture—so they can spread more disbelief.

For example, Lauren explains that marriage is a “pet issue,” so she intentionally targets people who post on social media sites that marriage is between one man and one woman. Lauren attempts to use instances of polygamy in the Bible to somehow prove that the Bible is contradictory on the issue of marriage. But she can only do this by taking Scripture out of context.

Out of context? Of what? What kind of context do you need to see that the Old Testament was okay with polygamy (see: Abraham and Sarah, Leah and Rachel and Jacob) whereas Jesus wasn’t?

And what kind of context do you need to see that the meaning of “traditional marriage” has changed over time? Just the fact that the Old Testament had no qualms with polygamy whereas the New Testament does is a pretty damn big hint that the meaning of “traditional marriage” changes over time.

Other atheists try to use the many translations on YouVersion to show that there are supposedly many variations of the biblical text: “The biggest thing for me is seeing how much the version will change the meaning of passage [sic]. It can make a pretty big difference in how you interpret it.” While it’s true that there are many different translations of the Bible, there’s a big difference between a literal translation and a paraphrase of Scripture. A literal translation provides the same meaning today that people would have understood when the Bible was written, whereas a paraphrase is someone else’s rewording of Scripture into everyday English. Bible scholars typically look for literal translations, not paraphrases.

Let me check my notes from my humanities class.

(On the earliest text of the Book of John): “200000 different copies available, many of them are fragments.”

(On mistakes in the New Testament, why?): “The handwriting […] No standard abbreviations […] Eyes often play tricks on you […] you can skip entire swaths of text in copying books […] we don’t know what the original said.”

(On the Corinthians text): “Corinthians was possibly a composite of several letters written by Paul.”

(On the altering of text—oh yes, this happened. A lot.): “Someone hunted for early manuscripts – 3rd or 4th century, full manuscripts and not fragments – to make a critical edition. He produced the first critical edition, and found out that the idea of the Holy Trinity (father, ghost, and son) was added, since older text didn’t have it.”

(On the additional, non canonical Biblical texts—oh yes, they exist.): “We found many other documents which could have been part of the New Testament […] The Gospel of Mary, The Secret Gospel of Mark, The Gospel of Judas, etc. […] accepted in some communities but not others.”

(You can Google this stuff if you don’t believe me.)

Yeahhhhhhhh, I’m going to say that Ham has NO idea what the freak he’s talking about. Like, at all.

One well-known atheist was quoted as saying that one of the “beautiful side effects” of free Bible apps is that “nothing makes you an atheist faster than reading the Bible.” But really, Romans chapter 1 teaches that they know there is a God, and that their disbelief is a willful suppression of the truth.

Because obviously you can totally Biblesplain what an atheist really thinks.

Also, Romans 1 presumes that there is a God, which something that there’s ABSOLUTELY no (scientifically verifiable) evidence for. Because we’re supposed to take it at face value that there is a God, this is a logical fallacy. Begging the question much, Mr. Ham?

I urge you to pray for these atheists that they would read and believe the gospel of Christ today, and pray for those Christians that these atheists interact with, that they would be strengthened in their faith and would be emboldened to share the gospel.

Thanks for praying for me, but praying doesn’t erase contradictions in the Bible, nor does it actually show evidence that there is a supreme deity (and that yours is the right one, of course).

Tolerance Is Terrible: NaturalNews Takes on Twenty Things to Tolerate Less and It’s a Doozy

Tolerance: do we have too much of it?

That’s the question NaturalNews asks in their article “Rethink Tolerance: 20 Ways We Put Up With Disrespect, Abuse, and Nonsense”. Their answer: yes, of course we tolerate too much stuff, and you know what? It’s our fault.

How so? Let’s take a look.

Tolerating things you don’t like was a necessary skill when you were young. Think about it. Babies and young children, in loving families, still MUST tolerate all kinds of “mistreatment” that they do not understand or appreciate. (Have you ever met a two-year-old?)

Kids growing up in dysfunctional families learn to tolerate not only the perceived injustices, but actual abuse and neglect.

The problem is, tolerance for perceived and actual mistreatment becomes so familiar that we end up (subconsciously) accepting it for the long haul. We don’t stop to realize that, as adults, there are OPTIONS.

We tolerate all kinds of abuse from other people, families, communities and governments. Nothing you can do about it. Just live with it (sigh). These are the sentiments that rule the day and create suffering for hapless sheeple all around the world.

You know you’re screwed when the writer of the article you’re reading uses the word “sheeple” without irony.

Also, seriously? The reason people stay in abusive households is because obviously they’re too stupid to get out? Really?

Gee, thanks. Remind me never to call you to talk about abuse, ever.

Now for the list of 20 things:

1. A poisoned food supply
Food and water are intentionally poisoned with toxic chemicals such as pesticides, fluoride, and genetically modified organisms.

Obviously people eat their vegetables without washing them first, because we like to have dirt on our food.

(Seriously guys? It’s not that hard to wash fruits and veggies. Also, one molecule of a pesticide won’t kill you, and depending on the pesticide used, it probably won’t even affect you—see Bt toxin, which has been used in organic farming for over five decades.)

The amount of fluoride in water is regulated by the EPA and it’s safe. There are public health benefits from the fluoride (namely you have healthier teeth), and it’s the most cost effective public health program.

In addition, fluoride toothpaste has more fluoride in it (1,000-1,500 ppm in a tube; by comparison there’s 0.7 ppm of fluoride in drinking water), and an adult would need to eat 4 tubes of it in order to get fluoride poisoning. And you’d be vomiting from the other additives first.

Soooooooooo, no, you’re not likely to get fluoride poisoning from the water. If anything, should you attempt to do this to “prove” that fluoride is a toxin, you’d get dilutional hyponatremia before you get fluoride poisoning.

[This is where I put in the DO NOT ACTUALLY DO THIS sign. Seriously, don’t drink yourself to death just to prove a point.]

Finally, do I really need to pull out the list of over 600 studies verifying that GMOs are safe? Seriously. And at least 1/6th of the list are independent studies (or 126 independent studies; the list is outdated but the studies are real).

We’re off to a really bad start.

2. Mass corruption in government
Criminals and thugs are regularly elected and re-elected to positions of power around the world.

No guesses as to who, right?

(Hint: it starts with “Big” and ends with “Pharma”. Or “Science”. Or “Agriculture”. Or anything else really. But I think mostly Big Pharma.)

3. Mass corruption in the corporate world
Thieves and thugs in business regularly collude with cohorts in government while people keep buying their products.

Oh yes. I hear there’s this “doctor” in Texas who has not been (seriously) taken to task by the Texas Medical Board or the FDA for decades, even though his “cancer cure” has killed patients (including at least one child) and even though he’s utterly and totally incompetent. And unethical. Don’t forget about the unethical. You’d think that there’s some sort of political pull that this guy’s got, since he had been able to charge patients thousands of dollars to participate in his sham clinical trials until the FDA FINALLY put a hold on them sometime in 2012.

Oh wait. You meant Big Pharma, not Big Quacks. Apologies.

4. Lying and deception in the mainstream media
We sit at our TVs and listen to puppet heads neglect to mention the most relevant facts about current events.

Yeah. That’s why we go to NaturalNews to learn DA TRUTH, such as how psychiatry was to blame for Sandy Hook. Or at least, that is if it actually happened at all.

5. Abuse of holistic businesses and practices
If you are a holistic business, you need to be mildly paranoid about the benefits of your product or service even though there are no harmful side effects.

So laetrile is harmless? And hydrogen peroxide won’t bleach your skin? And there’s no evidence that DMSO can cause glaucoma? And antineoplastons have not been linked to extremely elevated sodium levels, anemia, fatigue, headaches, and the like?

You get my meaning here, right?

Meanwhile, pharmaceutical companies come right out and claim that their product endangers your health and may very well kill you.

Well yeah. No product is without risk. They’re also being honest about it, which is much more than the SCAM proponents will say.

Also, the reason that they’re even approved by the FDA is because 1. the risks are offset by the benefits and 2. they work. Both of these things are lacking in the SCAM department.

6. Vaccination abuse
Your right to spare your baby a toxin-laden vaccination is slipping away. In fact, you may be called a murderer if you refuse a vaccination.

Herd immunity is obviously DA WORST THING IN THE WORLD!

Also, to put that statement into context (listing some of the more comment complaints about ZOMGTOXINS in vaccines):

  1. Your body actually produces more formaldehyde in a day compared to what you would get in a vaccine. The wood in your house has more formaldehyde than a vaccine.
  2. Since we don’t use thimerosal in the vast majority of vaccines anymore, you get more mercury if you break a CFC bulb, or if you eat fish.
  3. You get exposed to more aluminum in your food than you do in a vaccine.
  4. There are no “aborted fetuses” in vaccines. Some vaccines are grown in cells derived from aborted fetuses, but these cells have been growing in Petri dishes for decades. At this point they’re so removed from their original source that they’re not even fetus cells anymore. It’d be sort of like saying that HeLa cells are made of cervices. That and the cells are all removed during processing, so this is essentially mostly moot.

If there are any others that I missed, leave a comment and I’ll research it.

7. Internet freedom under attack
There are those who would regulate your freedom of speech by monitoring what you post online and restricting information that they disagree with.

And who are these people, exactly?

8. Your email – no longer private
Your email account is routinely hacked and scrutinized by the government, a clear invasion of privacy.

And so it is! Governments shouldn’t hack email accounts!

But seriously, you have to REALLY egotistical to think that the NSA actually gives a rat’s ass about the amount of chain letters your grandmother forwards you every week.

Plus, can you even imagine HOW many email accounts there are, and how long it would take to hack every single one? And this is not including the fact that there’s a decent amount of people who have MORE than one email address (work/school/personal addresses anyone?), which means MORE accounts and MORE hacking.

In other words: the likelihood that the NSA hacked your account? Nil.

9. Forced psychiatric drugging
Psychiatrists and legislators would like to force psychiatric drugging and imprison people who seek treatment for problems. If you don’t want meds or even electric shock treatment, then you may be forced into it or physically confined.

Yeah, that might be an issue if you were declared to be legally insane by a court of law.

“Why no, I’ve never been declared insane by a court of law.”

Then why are you worrying about it?

10. Truth tellers and legitimate conspiracy theorists and jailed in prisons and hospitals [sic.]
When someone learns the truth and has the nerve to come out with it, they are destroyed.

Which is why InfoWars and NaturalNews doesn’t exist anymore, right?

11. Tolerance for obesity
Someone depressingly overweight consumes a diet high in sugar, fat, and toxins. […]

Because obviously people who are overweight are slobs who can’t stop eating bacon and if they just stopped eating processed foods, it’ll all be resolved oh so easily. *rolls eyes*

[…] These folks have a high tolerance for body discomfort, even though they hate it. The tolerance is so high that it is less painful to endure their as it is than to exchange their dietary and lifestyle habits for healthier ones.

Ewww, thin elitism.

Seriously. There’s a large amount of people who are eating healthy foods and who exercise regularly, and yet they’re STILL overweight. Losing weight is not as easy as “oh, just eat healthier!”, like it’s depicted on TV. It takes a LOT of work—and in many cases, they’re actually pretty damn healthy.

So can we stop with the body shaming now?

12. Tolerance for personal abuse
A tortured woman stays with the man who mistreats her.

So much women put up with SO MUCH from abusive men. These women have a super high tolerance for rejection, betrayal, and mistreatment. Their tolerance is so high that they find it easier to put up with abuse than to face life on their own.


No. No no no no no no no no no. And no again. No.

No. People who are being abused by their significant others don’t stay there because they LIKE being abused. They stay there because they fear that if they leave, their significant other might find them and hurt them. Their abuser manipulates their emotions to the point where they’re left fearing for their lives all the freaking damned time.

Just, what the hell?

This author is a freaking ASSHOLE.

13. Tolerance for loneliness and emptiness
A lonely person avoids socializing and laments a solitary life. 

Lots of people feel so alone in this world. They have a super high tolerance for loneliness, even though they don’t enjoy it. They routinely avoid socializing and making new friends because the loneliness is more comfortable than reaching out.

Or they could just be really shy. Or they could have mental disabilities that keep them from socializing with people. Or any other many reasons that would keep them from socializing with people.

Seriously, the “oh, I’m so much better than you” is nauseating.

14. Tolerance for worthlessness.
Someone with low self esteem piles on with daily self-condemnation.

Because it’s so easy to have a better self-esteem.

Trust me on this. It’s not.

15. Settling for personal mediocrity

Depressing mediocrity is often tolerated more than the perceived pressure of success and high responsibility. Thousands of mid-level managers, would-be entrepreneurs and trapped housewives dream of doing something really great with their lives, but are much more comfortable with their current lot. Tolerance for mediocrity is the culprit.

Because obviously it’s because they WANT to be that way, and not because they don’t have the opportunity to do something great.

16. Intolerance for happiness

Nathaniel Branden called it happiness anxiety. This happens when you become happy, then anxious (because you know the happiness won’t last).

When bad news is just around the corner, you abandon the happy state in favor of hanging out where you are more comfortable – with your problems.

Because obviously depressed people just HATE happiness!

17. Tolerance of fear, anxiety, and needless uncertainty

Because obviously the only reason we’re anxious is because we HATE feeling prepared, so it’s 100% your fault.

18. Tolerance for guilt

Because we all really want to feel guilty forever and ever, I mean, there’s no such thing as a mental disorder that can cause you to do things that are wrong, right?

And obviously it’s so easy to break a habit. Just don’t do it anymore. See? Problem solved! Where’s my cookie?!

19. Tolerance for conflict

Because obviously the only reason people fight is because they WANT to fight. It’s not as if there’s a legitimate reason to argue and be mad, right?

So don’t be mad if the person you’re arguing with was late AGAIN, and don’t be mad if your partner was cheating on you or spent all of your money at Vegas. Just smile and get over it!

20. Tolerance for being controlled

Because obviously the way to solve being a doormat is by saying “don’t be a doormat anymore”. Problem solved!

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I Am Autism – A New Take

Oh gods. Oh gods, oh gods, oh gods.

Today, I heard about Autism Speak’s video called “I Am Autism”.

Short rundown: Autism Speaks is a charity that tries to bring awareness about autism and tries to fund money for a cure and whatever. Not exactly popular with people who HAVE autism, because of the “autism is all evil and needs to be CURED!” thing. You guys could Google it if you’re curious.

And of course, in their activism campaign, they come up with videos that’s rather, for lack of a better word, insensitive.

Case in point: transcript for “I Am Autism” (there was a video, but apparently it was taken down after outcry).

Ew. Ew ew ew ew ew ew ew.

That just makes my skin crawl. I’m also shaking, although nowadays I can’t tell if it’s because I need to switch to a lower dosage of levothyroxine or whether it’s horror or whether it’s from sitting in a chair for several hours.

So, out of protest, I feel the need to provide a counter viewpoint from someone who has autism herself.

Please note that this is NOT representative of all autistic people. I don’t claim to speak for everyone, I just felt the need to respond with my own version of “I Am Autism”. So don’t chew my head off, okay?

I Am Autism – Take Two

I am autism.

Born with it and grew  up with it,
Part of me since as far as I know.
Integrated with my identity
And an important part of me.
I cannot be without it,
Otherwise what am I, really?

I am autism.
I am a face of many in a sea
A color, a shape,
A pair or eyes,
A voice.

I am autism.
I am not a monolithic entity.
I do not come to consume and to destroy
But to enlighten and to create.
I am an individual
I am me.

I am autism.

Sometimes I cannot speak
Non verbal am I and rather quiet.
Sometimes I can integrate
With a little hard work
And a large amount of acting/reacting.
I pay attention to everyone else
And play the game,
Knowing that I’m sometimes right on key
And sometimes two steps behind.

I live and I breathe
And I feel and I read.
I scream and I shout
And I twist and dance
And I am life embodiment.

I am alive.

I do not fear.
What is there to be frightened of?
I am here,
I am.

I am autism,
And autism is me.
Autism is part of my identity.
Cannot imagine my life without it
For how close it is to me it is!

Autism defines me.
Autism is a part of me.

I am not the savant intelligent
And I am not person sociopathic.
I am not Sheldon that you see on TV
Nor am I full of magic or a disease.

I am not abnormal, I am not in need of a fix.
I just need someone who can listen to this.

I am autism
And I have a voice.

You say that I’m silent
And that I’m really a sneak.
You claim me to be a thief
And you claim me to be sin
A punishment, a changeling,
Something not “normal”,
Something not neurotypical.

You say that you need to cure me
In order to save me.

You say these words
And you take away me.
You say those words
And you erase me.
You say those words
And you silence me.

You do not speak for me.

Please, are you listening?
This is autism speaking.